Share Your World ~ 5/17/22

Melanie asks the QUESTIONS. I chip in my two cents. And away we go …

Do you become discouraged by the annual “Blogging Ennui” phenomenon that comes around every year?    (it’s early this year IMO) (blogging ennui means (to me) a distinct slow down in writing and participation, which lasts an indefinite period of time). That is discouraging but I have not noticed it personally. Seems people are producing at the same clip. I am still awed and amazed by the content coming from bloglandia.

If you were in a room filled with you and your doppelganger (someone who looks exactly like you do.  Supposedly everyone has at least one out there in the world)  and 2 billion dollars, what would you do?   What do you think your doppelganger would do? After setting up my kids for life, I’d like to think I would use it to make even more money then give all the extra away. Finally at the ripe old age of past 50 heading to 60, I am learning about compound interest. Surely there is a financial genius out there who can set up an enduring cashflow. My doppelganger would so the same.

A building is burning. You have time to either save a child trapped inside or a valuable painting which you would then sell, using the money to save 20 children from starvation. What would you do and why? Oh my gosh. The child trapped inside. Not sure why. I just don’t think I could leave the child behind.

What’s your opinion of yams or sweet potatoes? Yuck


Please feel free to share an image of something that makes you smile!

Always cracks me up

As always, more to come.