#SLS ~ 2/14/21

A valentine day #SLS and Jim prompts us with Brain/Mind/Think. There is a Pearl Jam song with brain in it. I could continue a pattern but “Brain of J” was new to me and didn’t really grab me. Serendipity stepped in and my song choice for today came on during curbside grocery pick up. Woo to the hoo.

Without further ado I give you “Fight Song” Writer(s): Bassett Dave Richard, Platten Rachel. Lyrics within.

Talk amongst yourselves. This song always brings the waterworks. In loving memory of my dear friend Cat. ❤ Gone too soon but never ever forgotten.

Sunday Reflection: A Week in Review

#SLS ~ 2/7/21 and #SLS ~ 2/7/21 Part Two From Grateful Dead to Pearl Jam – music sweet music!!!

Haiku – Bite & Teeth ~ 2/8/21 – I was inspired to write about Little Red Riding Hood.  Pony tells me “mom it’s not a haiku without a juxtaposition”  Hmmm.  I have the 5/7/5 down but need to up my game and start adding some more contrast.  

Share Your World ~ 2/9/21 – Sharing is caring 🙂 ❤

#1linerWeds. 2/10/21 – Back to quoting TV shows for a bit but those memes sure keep dropping in my lap thanks to my friend G.  

Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/11/21 – Grieving the loss of our friend.  Praying for his family.  Though his death wasn’t caused by Covid, his services are delayed until later this month because of the pandemic. Even then all virtual online with immediate family only graveside.

I was hoping folks would talk more about their Rona experiences.  I get why that might be less than helpful though.  Even more now when purely by coincidence my co-worker shared her family’s experience with us the day after I posted.  Her husband brought the Rona home from work.  He was sick for about three weeks before Christmas but was able to return to work in January, feeling back to normal and testing negative.  The entire fam was tested when he was first diagnosed.  Their daughter had it and was asymptomatic.  Her antibodies are pure gold to the researchers.  My co-worker has tested negative three times now.  They have no idea how she escaped catching it.  Can’t really say asymptomatic with negative tests and no trace of antibodies.  As she tells us “I don’t wear a mask inside my house.  I was definitely exposed”.  Makes me realize my worrying is for nothing.   The damn virus is complicated as hell.  We will get our 2nd shots on 3/1 but even that isn’t a guarantee.  All we can do is be careful out there.  

Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of “Hadley and Grace” by Suzanne Redfern ~ 2/12/21 – Enjoying escapism at its’ finest.  

#SoCS ~ 2/13/21 – above/below and the frigid blast brrr iciscles still cold out there.  Come on March!!  

And that’s all she wrote.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.