Share Your World ~ 2/2/21

Thanks Melanie for being the host with the most!!! If anyone would like to play along or see the answers of others, look right HERE.


If the government offered to suspend all laws, and law enforcement for 24 hours, letting you (and everybody else) do whatever you wish… Would you be in favor of it, or not?  (Credit for this question goes to Cyranny and her Daily Quickie Question)

That would scare the bejesus out of me. I would be very afraid. Sounds like the movie “the Purge”. Thanks but no thanks.

What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street? (We’re suspending the whole social distancing and Covid involvement in this scenario)

No idea. My brain does not work that way. I’d smile, say hello, and pass on by.

As a child, what did you think would be great about being an adult, but isn’t as great as you thought it would be? Oh so many things that I now realize are for the birds. Working, paying bills, all of it. Maybe today is just a hard day. I wanna be taken care of like the big baby I am.

What, in your opinion, has been blown way out of proportion? The better question is what hasn’t been blown out of proportion? The spin is off the charts. Who/what can we believe? All of it? None of it? Something in between?

Gratitude Section (Optional as always)

Where is your ‘happy’ place?  The chair in my living room with a glass of iced tea and a good book to read. Hot tea if the weather is inclement.