Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/11/21

We just found out that the dad of one of Pony’s kindergarten classmates passed away. The dad was only 56 years old, leaving behind his widow (wife of 35 years) and three children in their 30s/20s. For a brief time, our paths crossed before going separate directions. Yet hearing this brings right back memories from yesteryears. Field trips to the zoo and class gatherings. We’re deeply saddened by his passing.

Everyone was wondering if Covid was the cause of death but it was not. The family did not wish to disclose details all over the Internet but in talking with a friend of a friend, we learned he had surgery back in November for what should have been a very treatable illness but the surgery went south. He battled an infection for two months afterwards, never recovering.

I don’t wish to go against their wishes which is why I stop here. Generic this could be anybody. Had it been Covid that’s a different matter to me. No stopping when it comes to Covid or any other public health issue. I’m not trying to be morbid or nosy in wanting to know the sometimes gory details. We don’t know what we don’t know which is why I ask. I want to know mainly to avoid a similar fate.

We have a friend who recently had and beat Covid. When one of the many responses to his post alerting us to his recovery was “how did you get it?” his reply was “I dunno man, wish I did”. No PM me for details to be discreet. Only I dunno. I didn’t write back anything … FB is definitely not the place. Instead I thought to myself how the hell does he not know???? With contact tracing being the utmost importance, he should know. Anyone he came into contact with should know and he should’ve been informed by the spreader.

Again not trying to be nosy. But that’s info that should be shared don’t you think? I mean c’mon. Or maybe I am stepping into something that truly is nunya (our shorthand for none of your business).

I have to wonder how many people, living in parallel universe, are keeping things to themselves to protect their privacy when disclosing the info could help us all? I wish there was a reliable source of the truth. What works, what doesn’t, etc… Ultimately I prefer to hear directly from my fellow humans who have gone through it. Disclaimer it up if you have to because we are all different and experiences WILL vary but for the love of God say something!!

Alrighty now, lemme let ya go.

As always, more to come.