Go Stand In The Corner ~ 2/17/21

Crazy as this sounds, I am banishing Mother Nature to the corner. What fresh hell, I mean SNOW is this? Screw that noise as I take a sheet from our host’s songbook. Thank you John for hosting this forum. To join in folks, here are the Rules and Ping Back

The inaugural 3rd Wednesday of the month, I complained about my ISP. Well lookie here. Today that ISP is soaring like a champ. Instead SAWS aka San Antonio Water System is my Newman. Ugh. We have been without water now for two days. The pressure had dropped, then a trickle to nothing. When we called to report and see if there was a major outage, the message was something like this is a Homeowners thing, please call back later followed by a curt disconnect. We found out from neighbors and the neighborhood app that the pump for our area is offline. So much for being a Homeowners thing. I know we are going to muddle through this but I wish they’d be accountable instead of dismissive. A message like we’re working to restore water service asap would be nice.

As always, more to come.