Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/4/21

I have too much time on my hands. Which is why I am a workaholic. I work to keep from thinking. Of course I have to think to perform my job adequately but that kind of thinking is focused, logical, process oriented. I don’t truly care for idle time. When that happens my mind begins to wander down rabbit holes and the thinking takes on a warped quality.

With my day off today, I used my found idle time for something productive. I got some bills settled and had my appointment. Then I revamped this idea which was hatched back on 12/17/20, Thoughtful Thursday.

Can you believe 12/17/20 was not even two full months ago? Yet seems like forever.  But then I hear can you believe January is over? Time flies! Well I’m here to tell ya, time does whatever the hell she wants. Time like Hope is a fickle bitch! Or male equivalent of bitch. Ruff Ruff. Now what did I tell ya above? I’m wandering … down rabbit holes.

Oh ya, back to this self imposed task. I have a badge for this Thursday edition of my re-titled Thursday Thoughts. As much as I tried to justify Thoughtful Thursday, my steel trap mind only thinks of thoughtful as kindness. Oh how sweet of you to think of me kindness. I looked back at my handful of entries and my topics are just me reflecting, rambling, going down those bunny trails, not thoughtful or carefully considerate at all.

Okie dokie, without further ado, the unveiling of my feature image aka badge but not really a badge because the dimensions are all wrong …………..

Whadda ya think?

My shadow by our tree, sweater around waist and hands folded up by my face (not that the shadow shows that detail).

Whew! And that is all for now. I am sure not going to stay as late at the blog work as I stay at the day job. Signing off until mañana.

As always, more to come.

#WDIIA ~ 2/4/21

What day is it anyway? Are we doing that any more? Nope. 🤔 Well that’s me though. A day late and a dollar short. Ugh!

This week kicked my ass and it ain’t over yet. I’ve had an insane schedule. I’m exhausted.

But first the good news. In quite spur of the moment in a very hurry up and wait fashion, we got in for the Covid vaccine. We played the scheduler phone call lottery and won! We qualified under 1B since all four of us have chronic conditions. Even the kids. We’re a sickly lot. Bad genes 🧬

I’ve been busy as a bee 🐝 at work and to fit it all in, I worked very odd hours because this was an appointment laden week including the additional unplanned kick Covid to the curb party. And me with my quirks on timeliness would rather schedule one appointment a day over four days than to stack the four into one day and knock things out with one shot. (Pun intended).

Today is an actual day off though which is why I have time to blog. Previously scheduled and dammit I needed it. Though I’m multitasking and never really disconnected from the job. But that part is on me.

Right now I’m waiting for Lulu who is in a job interview. She’s back to applying for in person gigs and with one Rona shot under her belt, being outside our bubble isn’t as scary. The vaccine doesn’t remove the need to do all the masking and distancing anyway. And when we get shot two on March 1, it’ll be even better.

As always, more to come.

Thoughtful Thursday ~ 2/4/21

Back from hiatus, Thoughtful Thursday returns. I even have a picture/badge to use. It’s not a challenge yet but who knows what may happen. Ah who am I kidding? I’m not that creative or reliable.

Today I’ll toss out a belated tax day tale. Here’s the backstory. B and two others started an LLC back in 2019. In 2020, despite the Rona, they were able to turn a profit and even contract somebody who we’ll call P. I’m the resident bookkeeper by default. I’m helping as a cost saving measure. Truth be told, I love doing the books. Anyway, it was time to send the 1099. I took my two days off and it’s Friday 1/29/21. Every thing after this relates to that.

Me: Holy hell, the 1099 misc. has been replaced. P needs the new 1099 NEC. The 1099 misc. we gave him is no good. And Copy A 1099 NEC is due to the IRS on 2/1/21! That’s freaking Monday! I swear this wasn’t there when I last looked. Was originally due March 1st!!!

After Googling and silently panicking because we don’t have the TCC code or the special software which means we can’t file online and we’d be late, thus fined a minimum $100.00, B says “doesn’t Office Depot have tax forms”. Why yes! Yes! They do! Checking on my phone, the store closest to us has only two left.

Masked it up and took off. It’s after 6, they close at 8, they’re located in a strip center and people are fucking everywhere. Thank god the prime destinations were the restaurants. Office Depot was sparsely populated.

Though I only needed one set of forms, I scored the pack of 10 with special IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION envelopes. Made me so happy! We’re to legit to quit! Plus I saw the packet that came with the special software. I’ll keep that in my back pocket for next year. Once I get a TCC code.

The next morning I had to mail the damn thing. Copy A 1099 NEC with accompanying form 1096. Originals only. Certified mail is recommended. I go for Certified with Return Receipt Requested.

Of course I’m the first one there. The guy who unlocks the door is mask free and I think holy hell I’m going to have to leave! He moves away quickly and I enter. Then he comes back around the other side of the counter with plexiglass between us. He’s got his mask on over his mouth only. Sacribleu! Cover your nose man, I scream to myself! The plexiglass helped calm me down. Just like a shield and as good as a mask. Right? Please say right.

The conversation went something like this …

Me (in my twangy-est drawl): Dang IRS! Changing to a new form. Pushing up the due date by a month. Prolly won’t even sign for it.

Lady behind me: They have to. That’s how I do mine. They don’t like it by mail but TFB.

Half masked clerk: Don’cha know it. I’ve got relatives who work there. Things so bad we can’t even agree on what day it is.

Doh! I almost incited a riot. Took my receipts and scurried home.

Crisis averted!

As always more to come.