Meanwhile Somewhere in Texas ~ 2/18/21

Because we all need some levity. Things you never thought you’d hear. Maybe it’s just me but this was funny 😁

Picture of pitcher in snow ❄️ with caption: Cooling the boiled water to drink.

Me to Cousin: Stay safe!

Friend of Cousin: Do you not have water?

Cousin: Nope

Another Friend: Yes you do

Cousin: It’s sketchy

Different Friend: Melting snow ❄️ to shit

Cousin: No comment crazy ass!!!

Another Friend: I’m using empty kitty 🐈‍⬛ litter buckets 🪣 filled with snow ❄️ to melt for flushing.

Different Friend: Exactly same thing I’m doing. I knew those buckets 🪣 would come in handy one day.

Yet Another Friend: You guys ok?

Cousin: I’m in Texas, far from ok !

End Scene. Filed under “You can’t make this stuff up”.


Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/18/21

Aaaaaahhhhhh! Calgon take me away. Ugh!

B got it right. We’re all cooped up. Cabin fever was bound to get us sooner or later. For almost a year now with this pandemic we’ve altered our interactions. But this even more intense winter lockdown was the ignition point to fuel the fever. Damn it’s hot in here … inside my brain.

I’m hanging on by a thread. Grateful for all we have which is quite a bit actually. We had water at the worst of it, then the pressure dropped, then the trickle dried up. Now we have heat but no water. Several have been without heat for days. Worse yet people without both also for days. They predict more snow but with temps in the 40s we might escape the love fest that happened on Valentines night.

I remember being cold at home growing up because we did not have central heat. We did have a precursor to central heat which was an electric wall heater that warned only the hallway it was in. This was in addition to a gas heater which was pulled out only during winter and kept in the corner of our den. That kept us warm during the day but we’d have to turn it off at night for safety sake. I mean it was actual flames keeping us all cozy. I have memories of taking my pillow and blanket off my bed to go sleep on the floor right in front of the wall heater. Back then I could sleep anywhere and I did. I tried to make a nest all comfy but really it was a hard linoleum floor.

Not sure why that is a fond memory and this … what we’re going through now is nothing but a nightmare. Wake me when this is over. Right now I’m going to try to get a little more sleep.

As always more to come.