#1linerWeds. 2/10/21

Thanks Linda for hosting. Here are the rules and ping back. This week I decided to throw back to a quote. Running out of meme space. And too cheap to buy more. I chose a line from 📺 Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. This show is my new fave. Combines dancing 💃🏻 and singing 🎤 in pure spontaneity.

Mo to Zoey “What are you wearing? It’s not casual Friday or give up the world 🌎 Wednesday”.

Ha! Give up the world 🌎 Wednesday. Get it? As far as fashion is concerned since the Rona I wear give up the world 🌎 every day. I’m surprised I even get dressed. But since day one of work from home 🏡 changing out of PJs is a rule I follow. Nothing fancy, just not pajamas. I also take care of daily personal hygiene. It’s made all the difference in helping me hold on.

As always more to come.

8 thoughts on “#1linerWeds. 2/10/21

  1. Somedays I feel like that too, like, why should I bother with makeup and hair when no one will see me anyway, but I always do it because- well, you never know. Someone may visit, or I may have to dash out to the store. On days I visit my dad, always. So basically, I always dress, makeup, do my hair (or hide it under a hat) and act like I’m at a regular job. Gets me into practice for when I start getting clients and it becomes a real job!

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