Share Your World ~ 2/9/21

Melanie gave us another series if interesting questions. Here’s my two cents worth 1/2 a penny due to inflation.


In your opinion, do May/December (older partner with much younger partner) romances ever work? B and I are only a year apart but that’s not why we work. Chronological age doesn’t always equate to maturity, personality, or temperament. That’s why I think May/December romances can work. Compatibility, mutual respect, and trust have little to do with age in my opinion.

What physical action or gesture do you find romantic? Hmm. Cleaning the house.

What is your idea of a romantic dinner? Staying in and making our favorite meal with a decadent dessert.

Is ‘love’ a real ‘thing’ or merely a physical chemical response and brain activity pulling our emotional strings? Love is definitely a REAL thing in response to a chemical reaction causing our brain to pull emotional strings.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always optional)

I am grateful for my tribe. Accepting me regardless of my quirks. As a Queen, Drama I am a lot to handle. Wow they are brave. lol

How do you show your loved ones that you love them? Seeking out their company, valuing their opinions, stuff like that.