Story Time ~ 9/17/20

Charlie by J-Dub

We didn’t have fancy electronics. Instead we rode bikes, played on the swing set, and made up elaborate stories with dolls, puppets, and assorted stuffed animals. If memory serves, this particular puppet came from a set “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod”. As you can see, he is dressed in pajamas. I named him Charlie. He was my favorite toy for a few years. Maybe that explains why mom kept him.

He was in my treasure box that I stumbled upon once again while conducting the Swedish Death Clean. Many times I tried to refuse taking him with me. Each time I tried to throw him out, mom would pack him back up and take him home to her house. She didn’t have the heart to do what I am doing now. In the big scheme of things, I hope I am sparing my children the work that comes with handling my estate. It’s all just stuff anyway. Plus Lulu and Pony said they didn’t want him. Instead, Charlie was cleaned up and sent to Goodwill. Hopefully someone gets as much enjoyment from him as I did.

I have other dolls too that could be worth some money. They are classics/vintage … supposedly. Which is why I am I’m still trying to figure out this eBay thing. Or maybe I will make a for “real” final trip to Goodwill or St. PJs. This stuff is exhausting. But the good kind of exhausted. Where after all is said and done, you feel an emotional weight was lifted.

As always, more to come.

14 thoughts on “Story Time ~ 9/17/20

  1. I totally get it. I have been doing the very same thing recently. My guys have to decide if they want these โ€˜treasuresโ€™ I have been storing for them or if it is time to let go. I have thousands of printed photos in albums I have been weeding through as well. As you expressed, it is rewarding to revisit old memories but exhausting to relive a life. Good luck with finding good homes-or good money- for those things which must move on.

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    1. I felt a bit off center doing this. Knowing someone besides me gets it is comforting ๐Ÿ˜Š. Thanks for the well wishes ๐Ÿ€


  2. Goodness Jilly you are stronger than me I find it so hard to to get rid of my old friends . I think you are wise those to donate them to the goodwill store that way he will bring joy to someone else ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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  3. It is so difficult to dispose of ‘friends’, whatever form they take. Very necessary though. My daughter says that when I’m gone she will hire a skip and everything will go in there that cannot go to charity shops (goodwill/thrift/whatever).

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  4. Very cute. Dolls — my husband just “inherited” (think took from a friend who was cleaning out his garage) about 75 dolls from the Ashton Drake, Danbury Mint type collections that are probably 20 to 30 years old. We were going to set up an Etsy shop for him to try and sell them. Let me know how you do with eBay. We had just started taking pictures and cataloging them when we got our big heat wave and then the fires came so they’ve just been sitting in our garage.

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