Out of Sorts

B and I decided not to watch last night’s debate. We settled in and turned on Chopped. Then Pony walked through saying “He’s lying already; says he made insulin cheaper than water”. My curiosity was piqued and I opted to go watch the debate with him. What a train wreck, unable to look away. Now I’m out of sorts. Due to what I heard first hand. I have never been afraid before now. But I am … just can’t shake this feeling of dread.

As always, more to come.

P.S. added this afternoon, I watched the You Tube clip. Maybe Pony got it wrong? Nope, the exact words were “I’m getting it for so cheap it’s like water”. Nothing future tense about it. Now I turn my blog back into a safe haven. Silly memes, music, books. No politics just my own neurosis 🙂 😦