#SLS for 9/13/20

The prompt today is contrasts. Hmm lots of ways to go here. I briefly thought I might post some Symphony and Metallica since classical & metal are quite the contrast. However most of those songs at longer than the five or less minutes that I have self imposed on myself. I moved along to words that contrast and landed on “Hot Love In A Cold World” by Songwriters: Bob Welch and John Henning. Beyond the contrast of hot and cold, we have wrong and right or future and past. Without further ado.

Now there is a way to say I love you
And it’s said everyday by some kind of fool
But where is the way to tell her goodbye

We both can’t be wrong, I must be right!

Hot love, cold world, gonna make you cry
Hot love, cold world, oh yeah
Hot love, cold world, gonna make you cry
Hot love, cold world, oh yeah…

Our connection was strong I thought it could last
Dreams of the future not a care for the past
But look at us now not knowing what to do
You’re looking so sad I feel so cruel…

Sunday Reflections ~ 9/13/20

Here we are again on Mister Toad’s wild ride through the Ground Hog Daze that are our world in Covid-landia. I’m singing the Rona blues and trying not to spiral. Without further ado, here is what was on tap last week.

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A short little roll call as it were without all the bells and whistles.  

Wishing everyone a restful Sunday since for many the grind begins again tomorrow.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always more to come.