Sunday Rambling

Book Club is changing.  Tomorrow we still meet but our facilitator has quit the library.  I am happy for her getting a new job.  Sad for us because she was good.  Also sad because Book Club was one way I had a life bigger than myself.  Something I did to fill the empty nest.  I had stepped out of my comfort zone and now I have an excuse to go back into my shell.

Don’t cry for me Argentina.  Not even close to being bad.  Other things are so much worse.  And there I go.  Doing it again.  This is nothing y’all.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Rambling

  1. Our writing club was just closed at the library. The girl who started it was missing for 10 or more months and she suddenly showed up and closed it. It was hers even though we were running on our own all that time.

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    1. Wow. That’s a shame. After all that time it doesn’t seen fair.
      They’re looking for a replacement so hopefully we’ll continue on. I’m going tomorrow. Not looking forward to it but telling myself change is good.

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      1. Yell change, I hate it lol. She disappeared for almost a year and the members kept it going. She shouldn’t be allowed to come in and just shut it down.

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