So, … It’s Not Me Or Is It?

My mouse is out of sorts and acting wacky.  Technical difficulties abound.  Then I see what others have done and think well I am following the same path.  Ergo, it’s not me.  But alas it must be. I must get over this FB ban for my own sanity.

Yeah, that’s right!  Snap out of it Jilly!!  You are NOT the sun.  The world revolves all on its’ own accord.  You are but a speck of dust in the cosmos.  Meaningless.

Well boo hoo.  Ms. Queen comma drama.  Again I say snap out of it!  “This is the day that the lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  That’s some Catholic school girl roots coming back to haunt me.  Yes I said haunt me.  Bittersweet.

I imagine my parents rolling over in their respective graves at how things have turned out.  Gruesome.  Not even close to a world without sin.  Amen.  More mental imagery and nostalgia.

Ugh, this too shall pass.  Always does before coming back again.  The trick is how do I break the cycle?

As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “So, … It’s Not Me Or Is It?

  1. My FB is wacky the past couple of days, too. No one I know is getting through to my feed, just a bunch of stuff I don’t care about. Not that I post anything over there myself, except for my blog notices.

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    1. Yes. At least my blog is banned for life. The bots do not like my url. When I sent the email to question why I was blocked, the automated reply was basically we get too many emails to respond to each one but we’ll use your feedback to make us better.
      Better?!?? Not from where I sit.

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