Sprucing Up The Place

This is my home now.  Eff you FB!  Hope WP doesn’t decide to ban me as well.  I am semi-reeling here.  What the heck did I do and who the heck did I offend?   That’s not me y’all.  Neurotic sure but offensive???  Someone thought so and turned me in.

Anyway, I figured I’d bloom where I was planted and spruce up the place.  I added the category Storytime with two sub-categories: #FlashFiction and 100 Words or Less.  I’m trying to be creative y’all.  Part of my therapy.  #FlashFiction already had some entries and 100 Words or Less has the first official post coming up this Friday.

As always, more to come.

26 thoughts on “Sprucing Up The Place

  1. I got banned from FB a couple times. Happened a while ago. First time was a couple days then a couple weeks. You can guess what it was for. 😀 I honestly hadn’t thought I was violating anything as there were no dangly bits.

    FB “standards” are enforced by a bot that wanders around looking for shapes and keywords. No human involved. People also have the option of secretly blackballing you. The standards are intentionally vague and secretive. They want you to overreact and avoiding posting anything that might come anywhere near their limit. Lo and behold, the bots will actually travel out your links to third-party sites.

    There’s a call and data center in India that resolves disputes. That says a lot.

    I can understand this a bit. Zuckerberg doesn’t want FB to become a vast swamp of dick pics, hooker solicitation and hate speech. FB is so big that to do it properly would be expensive. Enough people fit within his idea of good behavior that he has no need to change. Most of the other big social media sites have followed suit.

    Still, I see a lot that is on FB that is offensive to even me. I don’t offend easily. Ordinary meanness and cruelty don’t seem to trigger the bot.

    I do keep Facebook around for a couple friends and my newfound family. Nothing important ever goes there. I save that for WordPress and MeWe. I don’t think there’s anything sexy or perverse about any of the pictures I may post but I always include a heads up in case there are dangly bits involved. I enjoy the freedom to do that.

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    1. This is very educational Fred thank you so much for clarifying. Glad it was the bots. At least I have to think it was because the other alternative to have been blackballed by a so called friend is too hurtful.

      Zuckerberg can kiss my dangling bits.

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  2. I’m not banned but tried to get back in but they told me I can’t because something was fishy (not my in those words of course LOL) and they would send me an email. That was about three months ago. So I thought:” was obviously the right decision to leave in 2015 or 16…”. There is apparently an alternative called “MeWe”. I haven’t checked it out yet but you can read about it here: https://colleenchesebro.com/2019/03/06/mewe-groups-and-invitations/

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  3. Well well, same thing happened to me , same message! I cannot share any of my posts on there , no one from facebook can visit my blog either. I am just staying on for now so I can keep up with the bloggers bash news but as far as I am concerned Toxic Facebook is trash! I voted with my hear and have gone to MeWe . Loads of us have been bannished we have gone there to mention a few: Ellen Best, Annette Aben,Anita Dawes,Sally Cronin, Colleen Chesebro , myself and many more …come join us it’s free, no adverts, no games, no quizzes, no rubbish, no spying ❤

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  4. FB sucks! I hate that place. Toxic imo. Love WP and the helpful, supportive writing community. Hardly anyone on FB gave a crap about my writing. All they wanted to do was post stupid selfies as if they were teenagers, fight about politics, and gossip on messenger. Blech!!!

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    1. FB is bittersweet to me. It’s the only way I keep in touch with a few family members who live out of state who I would otherwise not have any interaction with. But yes selfie’s, the I’m better than you photos and arguing politics got old real quick. And I got rid of messenger a long time ago because it was just awful. I guess what upsets me most is that I’m not leaving on my own terms. I’ve actually been banned.

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      1. Yes. And there’s no recourse.

        The message is your comment couldn’t be shared because the link goes against community standards. If you feel this link does not go against community standards, let us know.

        I clicked the let us know link multiple times and sent multiple emails. The responses to the emails are we can’t possibly check every email we receive however we will use your feedback to make FB a better place.

        How is that for a big how do you do? Ugh !!!

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