Haiku – Chaste & Blush

I enjoy days like today now that we have it all figured out.  No stress, no fuss, no muss.  No more waiting for special occasions to do something special.  Everyday is Christmas Eve <insert your own special occasion of choice> or it can be.

Sitting here in comfy PJs, flavored coffee that I should NOT be drinking at hand, I am taken to another place.  I hear pleasant sounds.  The dryer, the hum of the refrigerator,  hard boiled eggs being cracked.

I think of the challenge words: Chaste and blush.  Kya from “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens, is the epitome of those two words.  She is also free and untamed.  Like many of us, she has a dual nature which cannot be defined.

Wow I am preachy today.  You’d think I already nipped at the brandy but nope.  No Kahlua in my coffee either.  Anyways, today’s Haiku offering is a two-fer.  Thank you Ronovan for providing the space to release these words from my mind.

Heron flew above

Unblemished sandy beaches

Glowing scarlet flush


The pink on her cheeks

Eyes closed anticipating

The first kiss of love

XOXOXO – Wishing you well this season and into 2019.  May it be the BEST year yet 🙂

Written for RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #233 Chaste&Blush


3 thoughts on “Haiku – Chaste & Blush

  1. And I prefer my holidays far from humanity. The cry of the coyote and the bubbling babbling breath of the river are my lullabies. The stars in the sky my decorations.

    I am not one for the cozy comforts of Christmas. Children and animals are pretty nice to play with, though.

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    1. You and my B are kindred spirits. He prefers the same. For years he’d go into the South Texas wild on the day after Christmas. Oh how the stars shined like magic out there.

      I feel we have the best of both. A stone’s through from the city lights our night scape is brilliant. We even have animals in the yard. A deer has ruined both our peach tree and cherry tree rubbing his antlers.

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