J-Dub’s Review of “Aquaman”

The tradition continues. And this year was a banner year in the Dub household. We picked better than we have in a long time.

Whatcha talking about Jilly ?!? The Christmas Day movie 🎥 of course.

Like I said before, pickings were slim. No Oscar nominees in the bunch that I’m aware of. Even “Welcome to Marwen” only got 26% on rotten tomatoes. I was so holding out hope for that one.

“Mary Poppins Returns” was a no for B. “Bumblebee” was a hard pass for me. “Holmes and Watson” was going to be our 2013 “Anchorman 2” esque reprisal but after we watched the trailers a few times, we realized “no shit Sherlock” and “I’m a doctor, would you like some heroin” were likely the two most funny lines of the show. The latter being not that funny considering there’s a opioid crisis.


Then B says why not “Aquaman”? Women ❤️ him and men want to be him. Lol. He really did NOT say that last part. Lulu reluctantly agreed. Why? Because DC is not Marvel. She has sworn allegiance to Marvel and DC is usually not as strong. Still we decided to give hubba hubba I mean Aquaman a try.

The outcome: OMG delightful. Great storyline of love between opposites … his parents. Of common stereotypes of what makes a king. Of sibling rivalry. Of loyalty. Tons of CGI action. Left open a nice path to another movie 🍿… “when you’re ready to talk come find me”.

I may have even cried. I can cry at the stop of a hat as it is but darn it those reunions with their mommy. Nic Kidman aka “she who never ages”. And that’s not a spoiler. Those parts were predictable even to me who is ALWAYS clueless.

Case in point …

Me on the car ride home … hey did y’all get the reference? His name was Arthur and he was the 👑 and he pulled the trident 🔱 from the original king of Atlantis who was petrified/stone.

B … duh 🙄 captain obvious.

Lol! And here I thought I’d uncovered a great mystery. Any who, landing the plane, solid offering. I give the movie 4.321 out of 5 stars ✨

A Rose 🌹 by Any Other Name is a Crystal, Lilac, and an Arrow

Background: We were having a conversation at Element Tattoo.  Wise was explaining something to S about something B said or did.

Follow me?

Nope.  Okay more elaboration.

Wise is my daughter-in-love.  She was telling Lulu’s friend S about something involving B but she blanked on his name.  I helped her out by telling S that Wise meant B.

Wise says “I forget his real name.  I never call him by it.  He’s just DAD”.

I am one verklempt momma.

Reminds me of a time when Pony told me his mother-in-law had taken to calling him son.  He said it felt nice but he worried I would mind.  Whadda you think folks?  I cried!  Happy tears though because my boy was accepted as part of the family.  I am big enough to share.  A guy should be so lucky as to have two fantastic moms.   Am I right?!?!?!

Not everyone gets that.  I was told immediately by my mother-in-law when B and I announced our plans to wed,  “Don’t start calling me mom, you already have one of those”  Iced out from the start.  Of course, PoPo was always dad before he was PoPo.  He never minded.

Boils down to what one is comfortable doing.  Addressing the in-laws by Mr and Mrs seems a bit formal.  First names were hard for me because growing up, that was not considered respectful.  I never called any adult by their first name.  Well not without Aunt or Uncle in front of it.  I just assumed B’s parents would be mom and dad to me too.  I got over it though with some practice.

Just know how you address someone is important.  Family is more than blood or at least it can be.  Open your hearts, embrace who is brought into your lives.   I did and now I am that much better for it.

The following is the outcome of our time at Element tattoo.  T’was a banner day in the Dub household.  We are three December birthday angels.  Next year is my turn 🙂

As always, more to come.