#1linerWeds. 12/19/18

Oh yeah!  Now I get it.  Took me a moment.  Unthawer = freezer.  Lol 🙂  Very similar to Alternate Dictionary.  Woo Hoo!  I can tell this Wednesday is going to be a banner day!!!!!!!!!!

While not exactly the same but in the ball park, I am reminded of when the clerk at the AT&T store who when it came time to pay told me “the card reader was ready for you to strip”.  To which I replied all cheekily, “no thanks, I’ll keep my clothes on”.  Undeterred he said, “no ma’am seriously you have to pay”.  Then I said “well if I strip, someone else should have to pay”   

Let’s just say I am the only one who thinks I am funny.  Poor Lulu practically melted into the floor.  I knew he meant SWIPE all along but he didn’t say that.  He said STRIP. Guess he was thinking STRIPE instead of SWIPE.

I’ve told this story a bazillion times.  Today makes a bazillion plus 1.  Hope your day is stellar.  Muah mi amigos 🙂

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