Random Musings To Close 2018

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Inhaling article after article after article. I read to a point of oblivion. I read until I start confusing things because the stories overlap. So weird how life imitates art or vice versa.

My choice of topic is typically that of self-improvement. I am forever looking for ways to get through the day. And being an introspective soul, of course I feel the answer lies within. And when I look inside myself, I am empty. Not in a bad way. Just in the lack of creativity way. Hence the reading. My search for answers. Something bigger than myself.

Today I read Jason (David Wong). He’s been re-publishing the same article about resolutions (with yearly updates) for the last six years. I’m not linking because within his article is a video I’d rather you find on your own. Irreverent and hilarious. No redeeming qualities except one point.

You see I didn’t necessarily agree with all that he said. But there was this one thing struck a chord. Get a thong and cape and find your stage. Because it’s fact that saying some thing doesn’t do anything. We need to do a crazy dance.

We can talk blah blah blah till we’re blue in the face. Another mass shooting we say we’re sorry or pray. We send well wishes “but if wishes were horses then beggars would ride”. Nothing changes. Just like “if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas” I don’t need more excuses.

For me, it’s time for less talk and more action. I’m going to make 2019 my year of doing. I know I can’t solve the world’s woes but “charity begins at home”. Dang I’m full of it today. Lol.

Don’t cry for me bloglandia. The truth is I’ve never been better. I’ve learned from my wild days of tribulation. I’ll keep my promises aka resolutions.

Happiest New Year y’all 🎆🥳🎉😎