I Picked Poorly

Written 12/1/18 at 12:40 pm CST in the year of our lord 2018:

I picked poorly … but not the movie.  “Boy Erased” is going to stellar I can already tell from the reviews and friend feedback. I went with the earlier time slot as my way to choose.  Next time I will post my #QQ4U the day before.

Bistro has assigned seating now. FYI seat B1 stinks. Figuratively.  Once the previews start if there’s an opening, I think I may be brave and move. This is old school digs. My back row seat is not really elevated. They don’t even have stairs once you enter, the theater itself has just a very slight incline.

The renovations which have been going on forever have kicked up a notch to where there is a new temporary entrance.  I will be shocked if they ever finish this upgrade.  In the interim, popcorn, candy and drinks only.  No more “real” as opposed to fake food until the kitchen is back up and running.

Written 12/1/18 at 4:30ish pm CST in the year of our lord 2018:

Since this is based on a true story, I have no criticism.  My heart was broken for the main character.  I cannot even imagine what he went through because with the exception of one or two scenes (okay maybe three or more), I think this adaption held back.  I am going to find the Times piece written by Garrard Conley to get a better idea of what went on.

Brilliant work by the cast (J-Dub’s words).

Cast roll call from IMBD: Lucas Hedges as Jared Eamons (based on Garrard Conley) Nicole Kidman as Nancy Eamons. Russell Crowe as Marshall Eamons. Joel Edgerton as Victor Sykes. Joe Alwyn as Henry. Xavier Dolan as Jon. Troye Sivan as Gary. Cherry Jones as Dr. Muldoon.

I am adding Britton Sear as Cameron.  Not to spoil things but in one pivotal scene I think I actually yelled YES!!  Push them!  as he did the right thing.

Even score one for Flea.  He did pretty good for a musician/occasional actor.  I did not want to hate the characters played by Joel Edgerton and Russell Crowe because I do not want hate in my heart but so help me I did.  Though perhaps the real-life versions of these characters have achieved some semblance of redemption.  Humans are flawed but we do not have to stay that way.

Two thumbs up instead of my usual stars.  I am feeling feisty.  I will close with some snaps.  Some of these make me sad 😦


Courtesy Notice & Book Review

Ah man!  I got the dreaded courtesy notice email. Your book needs to be returned by such and such date.

Guess I won’t finish “The greatest thing since sliced bread : a novel” by Don Robertson.  Unless I quit writing dribble and start reading.  I HATE not finishing a book, even the crappy ones but this one is not in the crappy category.  Actually it is pretty good even though Morris Bird III is repeated about a bazillion times.

Morris Bird III

Morris Bird III

Morris Bird III

You see he is the main character and character is he!!

I laughed my ass off at one part about the babysitter getting caught red-handed with “company”.  G’ma tried to explain without really explaining.  Made me think of Sheldon and Memaw on “Young Sheldon”.

I tried to explain that section to B but I couldn’t stop laughing long enough. Of course he is used to me zoning out with book in hand. And while I zone out, I’m not a quiet reader. I gasp, I cry, I laugh. I equate my reading behavior to my singing and chair dancing when the situation calls for it.

Okay so I have talked myself into finishing the book. Three days is enough time.

Now here is my very high level review. Set in 1944 over a short span of time, this historical fiction is set against one of the worst industrial disasters occurring in Cleveland Ohio.

Tis all she wrote, you must read it for yourself to find out the rest.

See you on the flip side. 10/4 good buddy braker braker 1-9.