Split Second Decision

Today begins my PRE-new year’s resolution.  I think starting randomly may help me stick with it past say February.  I will walk 15 minutes minimum every day I am in the office.  Let’s just hope that I don’t use that as an excuse to work from home.

Any hoo, I walked to the library and back in that amount of time.  To be fair, I stopped to check out my book but it still counts as more exercise than I have done to date.  And I was up and standing versus in coach potato mode.

I picked up the book in the feature image.  I was in queue as number 80 something to be next to have the reading pleasure.  Not sure how I was able to luck out and find it on the shelf and not in the holds section.  Someone must have messed up in my favor.

Anyhoo, I had to decide quickly because there was also a true story bundle I was eyeing.  I cannot read four books in three weeks anymore because ya know, the day job.  I passed on the bundle until next time. One book in three weeks.  Let’s do this!!!

As always, more to come.


For 12/17/18

Wake up!!!! Last song on the radio this morn as I parked. Put’s a pep in my step. Enjoy 😊

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