A Rose 🌹 by Any Other Name is a Crystal, Lilac, and an Arrow

Background: We were having a conversation at Element Tattoo.  Wise was explaining something to S about something B said or did.

Follow me?

Nope.  Okay more elaboration.

Wise is my daughter-in-love.  She was telling Lulu’s friend S about something involving B but she blanked on his name.  I helped her out by telling S that Wise meant B.

Wise says “I forget his real name.  I never call him by it.  He’s just DAD”.

I am one verklempt momma.

Reminds me of a time when Pony told me his mother-in-law had taken to calling him son.  He said it felt nice but he worried I would mind.  Whadda you think folks?  I cried!  Happy tears though because my boy was accepted as part of the family.  I am big enough to share.  A guy should be so lucky as to have two fantastic moms.   Am I right?!?!?!

Not everyone gets that.  I was told immediately by my mother-in-law when B and I announced our plans to wed,  “Don’t start calling me mom, you already have one of those”  Iced out from the start.  Of course, PoPo was always dad before he was PoPo.  He never minded.

Boils down to what one is comfortable doing.  Addressing the in-laws by Mr and Mrs seems a bit formal.  First names were hard for me because growing up, that was not considered respectful.  I never called any adult by their first name.  Well not without Aunt or Uncle in front of it.  I just assumed B’s parents would be mom and dad to me too.  I got over it though with some practice.

Just know how you address someone is important.  Family is more than blood or at least it can be.  Open your hearts, embrace who is brought into your lives.   I did and now I am that much better for it.

The following is the outcome of our time at Element tattoo.  T’was a banner day in the Dub household.  We are three December birthday angels.  Next year is my turn 🙂

As always, more to come.


5 thoughts on “A Rose 🌹 by Any Other Name is a Crystal, Lilac, and an Arrow

  1. I’m one of those people who if the tattoo is well-done and suits the tattooed, I think they’re fabulous, and yet, many of them are… regrettable, lol. I dunno the folks, but these are nice, artistically 🙂
    I’ve called my in-laws Mom and Dad since I was 13 or 14. They just are, like second parents, for many years. My husband calls/called my actual parents by name, but usually refers to my mother’s husband as “Papa” which is what the kids call him.

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    1. What I appreciated about this place, is that both artists had their own unwritten rules. Since this was Lulu’s first, they put it two fingers above the wrist so it can easily be covered for job interviews. The other won’t ever do face tattoos as a personal choice. You have to be stone cold sober or they won’t work on you. Things like that.

      We heard stories of regrets especially by the office manager whose own G’ma disowned her for getting a tattoo. Never ever spoke to her again. 😔 she’s the one who talked Lulu’s friend out of getting one too because S had not even thought about a design. No spur of the moment “jump off a bridge” too allowed in her shop.

      I’m glad your in-laws are mom and dad to you. That’s what I always dreamed of. And first names work too just took getting used to. Sure makes it easier to be a Papa to everyone. Just like our Popo is for us now.

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      1. I like that they have their own rules. I think that’s wise. You don’t want people coming back at you with their regrets. Too much liability. Sounds like a good place.
        It seems like a serious decision to me 🙂

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  2. Nice story. My daughter just got herself a tattoo for her birthday too. I’m not a fan really but the meaning behind hers are good ones so I have to admire. Some of our kid’s friends call us mom and dad and I’ve never minded that. Interestingly, I call my MIL mom but I called her husband John, maybe because he wasn’t my husband’s father? Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jill!

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    1. Thanks Janet!

      I’ve noticed people have very strong opinions on tattoos. I’m on the fence about getting one myself. Lulu has already faced some negativity. She says she doesn’t care but it’s hard not too. She drew her own design which I think was pretty cool 😎.

      I enjoyed being called momma J by Pony’s friends. I disliked the formality of Mrs. Dub. Lulu’s friends couldn’t get used to calling me Jill so to them I’m still Mrs.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Cheers to a Happy New Year 🎊🎆

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