#SoCS for 12/22/18 ~ Tin


Bonus points!! Now my life is complete 😂.

Okay, to elaborate … Happy Saturday peeps. Time once again for #SoCs. Linda gave us tin or a word that includes tin as a prompt. Bonus if we begin with that word. Such fun!

If you’d like to have fun too or see the other creative offerings, look here for the rules and ping back http://lindaghill.com/2018/12/21/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-dec-22-18/

Uh oh. Did I lose you? Guess not if you’re reading this.


Hmmm. Think, think, and think 🤔

Tin as in Rin–Tin-Tin. German Shepherds are a very smart breed ❤️. Growing up my neighbors down the street had a German Shepherd named Sargent. She was a very good doggie.

Or tinfoil dinners made while camping in Girl Scouts. Wonderful memories. What a chef I thought I was. Hamburger, potatoes and carrots. Yummy 😋

Or Tinseltown aka LaLa Land aka Hollyweird. Typo intended. Look at me … what a judging B word. I’m weird myself so whadda I care.

We’re trying to pick our Christmas Day movie 🎥 🍿 but pickings are slim. It’s 2013 Anchorman 2 all over again. Doh! Might be time for a new tradition.

And on that note, to honor tradition, we’re off to the Dub girls born in December annual spa day. We’re trying a new place this year. Super excited 😊 to keep this party 🎉 going!!!


Bad Momma

Oh my! What a birthday dinner! Lulu didn’t get carded. No surprise seeing as they’ve been trying to give her a seat at the bar since she was 14. She takes after B. No one ever carded him either.

One glass on wine later and Pony is muttering how he can’t believe it … never thought it’d happen … how she’s supposed to be three. Then telling her to drink more water. He was the tea totaller tonight. Someone needed to be.

While he skipped the beer since nothing was on draft, Pony kept flipping the bird in every picture. I guess my laughing spurred him on. My prize was this snap where he’s actually smiling.

He sounds exactly like B’s brother. It’s uncanny. Sentimental memories.

Welp another year in the bag. Looking forward to what’s to come. As long as we can laugh we’ll be more than fine 😊