What’s Good These Days?

Lots of stuff I suppose. Personally I’m really enjoying 60 Minutes. Just the facts ma’am. Real human interest without taking sides.

The 11/18/18 show had two stories.

The first one was about the cost of naloxone (a life saving drug used in the opioid crisis). At first I was all fuck Big Pharma but when the head guy extends an olive branch 🕊 to insurance companies live and on air, one has to wonder who are the real bad guys? Can you say pyramid scheme?!?!

Prices had to be high enough for the middle men to peddle their wares. They make moola off the demographic hit hardest. Women age 45 to 54. Yep! Affluent before addicted with insurance to pay. At least that’s my layman’s way to explain it.

What also struck me was how the doctor spoke of addiction as a chronic relapse potential disease just like cancer. A cancer patient has access to everything if cancer comes back but the addict gets a tsk tsk and is judged if he stumbles. The doctor and her possee give away free naloxone kits. Old school injectable when nose spray and talking instruction epi pens would do better. Baby steps.

The second story was about former NFL player Tim Green and his battle with ALS. Tim says the majority if not all of the cause of his ALS is head injuries from playing the game. When asked if he’d do it again, he said without missing a beat “yes”.

He said that most guys would cut off 20 or more years at the end of their life just for the chance to play. When asked what the best time was he said now! Now is everything! His attitude is amazing. Better than mine and I’m relatively well (at least physically).

Tim is also a prolific author. He’s got technology to help him these days. His eye glasses have a pointer that allows him to type out his current story one letter at a time. I’m adding his work to my TBR queue as we speak.

I get all this knowledge but I’m not told how to feel. That part is left up to me. Makes me think!! How novel!!

Sundays at 7 pm CST. Be there or be square. Or watch it marathon style via DVR like me.

As always more to come.

Shaken Not Stirred

OMG people drive like idiots.  Don’t get me PC police.  Idiots I tell ya!

I am driving home in the right lane headed east on HWY 87.  A Ford sedan is ahead of me.  In the left lane is a truck about parallel with the Ford sedan, followed by a Kia.  Lots of other cars are behind us.

Scene set?

Foster Meadows has a traffic light now.  I can see it turning red.  I start to brake as does the truck slightly ahead of me to the left.  The Ford, uh nope!  Speeds up.  AH!  Runs the freaking red light.  The Kia behind the truck must have been taking its’ cue from the Ford and screeches to a halt barely missing rear-ending the truck.

There we sit, me and the truck side-by-side until the light changes.  We drive off but don’t cha know original Foster also has a light.  The timing on these things is sub par.  Usually the next light stays green longer but today uh no.  It’s going to yellow so we slow down.  The Kia, not so much and bang – rear-ended the truck.

We all pulled over.  No one was injured thankfully.  Police were in route and traffic was stacking.  I gave my name and number to the driver of the truck and drove around the corner to my house.  I was witness but not party to the accident and hanging around would have made more of a traffic nightmare so I skeedaddled out of the way.

I’m still shaken!  Not stirred.  But just maybe I should make a martini!  I am Bond Jill Bond!  Ba-dum-tis went the drum.

I know, I won’t quit my day job.

Be safe out there folks!

So, … More Funny Math

So, … here is some funny math for you. I will not change my oil until I hit the mileage OR the thingy alerts me whichever comes last.  Yep, last because the longer I go between oil changes, the more I save.  All this despite the girl who in my sophomore speech class did a demonstrative speech on what happens to your car when you don’t change the oil often enough.  She even brought in a jar with crude in it.  Yuck!!! And in the long run you do more harm than good by not being attentive to your baby.  Yep cars have names and can be babies.  So say the peoples.

I use synthetic oil which is more expensive because the mister makes me and that’s another reason to delay.  I already feel guilty going to a “place” to have someone else change my oil.  You see my daddy was a mechanic who did his own maintenance.  He taught me to change a tire and the oil before I could take Drivers Ed.  But then when I had my first flat, he came to rescue me.

Seems like just yesterday I was barreling down IH 35 South near Fort Sam when I heard Thud! Bump, Bump, Bump!  I pulled over and put on my hazard lights.  Almost immediately a van with signage for Gary’s pool stops.  The driver asked if I needed help.  I told him “no … get away from me … you WEIRDO” … because you know kidnapping and such.  There was not really any name calling.  I was just scared and didn’t want to end up on the evening news.

So, … I walked to some apartments where a lady was sitting outside as kids play.  She let me borrow her phone.  Thank goodness for long cords because she said “Girl you stay there; you’re NOT going in my house!”  I called my dad and then I called B.  I went back to wait by the car (which I now know is a no-no) because if another car hits my car, I am a pancake or a girl who could become a pancake.

The Calvary came for me.  My dad brought my Uncle M along for the ride because he and my Aunt J were visiting and well why not go see what little Jilly got herself into?  About a minute later, B shows up.  I had three grown men changing my tire.  Can you say princess?  Cuz I am.

About a week later, on his way to UTSA, my brother-in-law was in a similar boat.  Well … he was in a car, not a boat.  His car had a flat tire.  My father-in-law told him “tough luck, you’ve got a spare.  Change the damn tire”  My mother-in-law was so pissed.  “you left my baby on the side of the road??!?”  Thing is he was not a prince.  There’s only room for so much royalty in one family.  🙂

I have no idea why I remember these things.  It was 1984 for heavens sake!!  I have no idea why I am compelled to share either.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 11/28/18

Ha! Linda’s one liner was a good one.  Research mishaps will do that to you.  Or maybe???

Our new neighbors’ cat regularly comes to our house trying to get in.  Why?  because she can tell Lulu Belle was home for the holidays and Lu is the animal whisperer.  Plus cats refuse to be confined.  That kitty roams around like she own’s the place.  Seducing everyone in her path with that come hither look as she strolls.  Meow!!!

I wish today was bring your monkey 🐵 to work day because I’d bring our mascot with me 😂.  Off I go into the wild blue yonder.  Burning daylight so I best get on the road.

Happy hump day. Hope it’s a good one.

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Wait! What? You Took Another ME Day.

Uh ya I did and the guilt made me stronger … Or it killed me … or made me stronger.

I’m LIFE!!!!!

Hmmmm, maybe??? Anyhoo.  Let’s go shall we?

I earned the time off and my balance of leave time is creeping up there.  Up where you ask?  Well up there … wherever there is … some place in the stratosphere is my guess.  That pending balance must be why time is burning a hole in my pocket just like found money.

Did you ever hear that growing up?  Jilly <insert your own name> couldn’t wait to spend her birthday money.  That cash from Mamaw <insert your own relative> was burning a hole in her pocket.

Anyhoo, back to today.  I left all my errands for this one day to allow myself to enjoy my time off prior to now.  And I did!  Time with mi familia was very special. #gratitude.  The mister and I even had date day :).   I know I have every weekend off (spoiled) but again with the selfishness.  I wanted to do the crap I saved for today during a regular work day.  Even though I genuinely enjoy my job. <gasp> tis true. On most days.

The agenda was boring mundane stuff –  sleep past when the alarm would’ve gone off, eat blueberry bagels and cream cheese with coffee (marvel that for a buck 58 plus a buck 89, plus the discount of brewed at home coffee, you have a full five days of eats). Ain’t nuthing funny about that math.  Then I left on my trek.

Up first,  vehicle inspection at the oil change place (waiting on the oil change as I have 200 miles left and my funny math makes me go until I hit the mileage mark), two tag renewals … my car and the utility trailer, tire inspection and air topped off, grocery store (we will come back to that), home to drop the goods, put up the purchases and eat lunch.

Then back out for RX, fight with doctor’s office (more later) and zip through the car wash (but the wash was broken so the car remains dusty).  Back home AGAIN.  Bought single cyber Monday gift, sent text to oldest kiddo who is still not doing well (shoe don’t drop, shoe don’t drop, shoe don’t fucking drop!!), paid medical bills, played with then fed the pups, took orange tree photos (from our very OWN tree).



Finally capping things off tonight with Book Club!!


In several different posts that will appear unrelated, I will write more about this glorious day later.   This blabbering for example while written 11/26/18 is going in the win column for tomorrow to keep the streak alive.  If I get creative, I will link the “severals” up in some semblance of order.  J-Dub rabbit hole brain order … which means hang on tight … ’bout to git bumpy up in here.  Up in where?  Up in here!  What time is it?  Game time!  C’mon on y’all yell :).

Ah forget it.

As always, more to come.

Haiku – Win & Lose

People want to win

Winning isn’t everything

We learn when we lose


Who gets to say what

It means to win or to lose

Decide for yourself


Can’t win for losing

Is what my dad sometimes said

After a tough day

Written for RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #229 Win&Lose

J-Dub’s Re-Review of “the year of less” by Cait Flanders

I wrote all lower case since that is what the book shows.  The rest of the title is

how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life is worth more than anything you can buy in a store

Roger that!!  I re-read the book because the first time I inhaled it in two days and may have missed some stuff in my sprint.  Plus we have book club tonight and I am getting forgetful.  I wanted to refresh my memory.  Here is all I wrote the first time … Today is the Day! Spurred on by Book Club – Part 2.

Not much content but then again especially for memoirs, I do not judge.  Too personal and too brave to bare one’s soul like that.

I will never be able to downsize to only 29 articles of clothing or make my own shampoo but I can budget and follow the handy dandy flow chart.  Do I want or need it?  If want, then no.  If need, then proceed but be strategic in your purchase and see if there are other options like to repair first.  Then I can stop and smell the roses or otherwise divert my attention to what is special.

A paraphrased note for my common place book which is almost at capacity:

Two types of friends – bad influence or supporter.  In recovery, we need support.  Examples given:

  • Someone who stops you from going home with a rando from the bar and someone who calls you in the morning to see how it went.
  • Someone who stops you from buying the designer handbag that you can’t afford and do not NEED and someone who drives you to the store to buy it.
  • Someone who will work out with you and someone who will congratulate you on eating two burgers in one sitting.

I have the most supportive friends and mainly I hide all the bad stuff from them anyway.  I don’t want anyone to watch me go down in flames.  “Oh the places you will go” and not in a good Dr. Seuss way either.  But I keep trying.  Work in Progress.  One Day At A Time.

Read the book, you’ll be glad you did.  There is a reason it is getting all those accolades.

As always, more to come.


For 11/25/18 ~ “The First Noel”

I wanted to skip the whole trappings of Christmas once upon a time but the family wouldn’t let me.  Correction Lulu wouldn’t let us!  She persisted and while we have scaled back and the tree is much smaller, we continue to put one up.

This time of year is difficult for a whole host of reasons but I like the approach Helen took in deciding that being  a Grinch last year (her words) didn’t make her happy so this year she is choosing to be festive and it’s working.  Our minds are powerful, titanium.

And I know you’re likely thinking get on with it would ya!  This isn’t a talking posting, it’s a sing along song post for #SLS.  My choice might not be everyone’s cup of tea but reminds me of singing in the choir at church.  Awesome memories which lend to feeling festive.  Here’s hoping my mind tricks continue to work :).

Without further ado and in the theme of the season, I offer “The First Noel”

Lyricists: William B. Sandys and Davies Gilbert

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

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#SoCS for 11/24/18 ~ Digest

Happy Saturday one and all.  Time once again for #SoCS!!  Our hostess with the most gives us the following:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “digest.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


“Well, excuuuuuuse me!” Ala Steve Martin.

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!”

“Plop Plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is!”

I’ve got nothing except SNL alum and inDIGESTion commercials on the brain.  Therefore today’s a Reader’s Digest version of my typical babbling brook of thoughts.  My stream of consciousness is caught up on the rocks.

If you’d like to join this band of prompt respondents, look here for the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.