Dang Nabit!!!

Yep now I’m making up words. Dang Nabit is not in the dictionary. Dang could be. Nabit definitely not. The line under nabit is all red and squiggly.

Well enough chatter. I hear ya saying … Wha cha talking about Jilly??? Get on with the show.

We have no Internet. Crap!!!! To improvise, I’m coming to you live from my mobile phone using talk to text which will explain any typos. You try transcribing my southern drawl and see what you come up with.

I had plans to produce some work this evening but that went by the wayside. I can do a few things but nothing significant. Sacri freaking bleu.

Tech will be dispatched Saturday. Between the infamous window of time. I’m having flashbacks. You see we are out in the sticks and this used to happen to us all the time.

Anywho. Before scheduling, the rep read a disclosure and I was a brat … I said and I quote

Uh really?!?!!! well that’s new. Disclose all you like; I’m not paying $19. The problem is outside on the pear branch terminal.

To answer the question do you have any dogs and can they be contained? I said and I quote

My dogs are angels and yes we can keep them secure. However the neighborhood has roaming pitbulls. Our new neighbors our poor pet parents. They do not watch their dogs and I cannot be responsible for them attacking your representative.

Totally uncalled for but I couldn’t help myself. And it’s true! Was going to be another post aptly titled Jilly stares down pit bull while walking Buddy & Spot.

If I ever get back up and running, I will resume my writing schedule of nonsense. If not, my streak maybe gone.

Ethel is gonna git her clothes on 😂

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. 12/5/18

I am writing this in advance to be published Wednesday so I do not forget this gem of a liner.  I usually wing it the day of trying to match the theme even though the rules say there are no rules 😉

Well the last time I checked, bears don’t use toilet paper and mermaids don’t drink coffee. ~ Response by prospective juror during voir dire on the hit TV show Bull  11/2018

Get it?  I’m sure that you do!!  Happy Day! One step closer to #Free48.

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