Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ! 10/16/22

I don’t even remember much of last week, such a whirlwind. I had physical therapy twice on the same days I was in the office. On Friday, B & I took off to Rocksprings for a mini getaway which soothed our souls. We stopped for a very late lunch at a new restaurant in Kerrville – the Soaring Dragon with early bird specials 3-6 pm. My favorite bite on the planet is Wonton soup. Even over steak or lobster. Soaring Dragon did not disappoint so we’ll go back.

I almost got a goat video from the parking lot but B grabbed my phone & kept it in his pocket. I said no one will believe me without evidence, this is Texas sure enough & we can’t make this stuff up. I thought it’d provide comical relief. He said, nope goats are annoying as hell. Plus I knew it was true & that’s all that mattered. We were off the grid & I was breaking the rules we had loosely set for ourselves.

The remaining events all blur together but if I hadn’t posted it yet, B’s momma is in the nursing home. Once again the hospital released her too soon likely due to insurance. But this time, not home because she needs 24.7 care. Her knee is an open wound & until that clears, she is completely bedridden. There is a wound unit in the nursing home to help with this specific care. Every day is a rollercoaster. We are worried that poor PoPo won’t survive this, his heart is broken & he feels super guilty. Everyone in the peanut gallery having an opinion doesn’t help matters but fuck ’em. B & I are making plans for one day if this happens to us. Not going to leave others to randomly decide while in such a high emotional state. None of us are thinking clearly, we’re just rolling along day by day.

And with that, enough pouting. Here’s the weekly roll call …

#tshalloweenchallenge or @tourmalinenow

  • Spider 10/15/22 I was off the grid & only posted on Instagram to FB
  • Spooky 10/14/22
  • Cat 10/13/22
  • Ghost 10/12/22
  • Frog 10/11/22
  • Night 10/10/22
  • Owl 10/9/22

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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