Share Your World ~ 10/25/22

Di is pinch hitting for Melanie. Pop on over to see all the entries. Here’s my two cents worth 1/2 a penny.

1. How organised are you? Do you plan ahead, take things as they come, or does it depend on the circumstances? I’m a list making fool who organizes everything though on the outside looking in, my system may seem chaotic. I’m trying not to be so rigid and more roll with the flow.

2. How many Christmas presents have you bought already? All of them but to be fair, the group I still buy for has shrunk over time.

3. Do you prefer a family gathering for special occasions, or just you and your significant other? Depends on the occasion.

4. How many words do you think your pet understands? All of them. Buddy & Spot are amazingly smart. They get me & understand everything I say. Lol 😆

Gratitude: I’m grateful for my health. Despite my current chronic pain, I’m managing. Not to minimize my own feelings but things could be worse. I’ll write more about that Thursday.

As always more to come.