#SoCS ~ 10/29/22

Time once again for #SoCS where our lovely host Linda writes and I copy paste: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “element.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun! HERE are the rules & ping back if you’d like to join in the physical science lessons.

Wait! Physical science lessons? Just what is lil Jilly talking about? Well elementary my dear Watson. An element is a substance that can’t be broken down by non-nuclear reactions. Huh? You know the H = hydrogen in H2O where the O = oxygen. Reminds me of Sister Harold making us memorize the periodic table. I did that for the test then never used the information again so I forgot most of what I learned.

Fun fact, I got an A in that class when I deserved a B. Because I aced the periodic table test, the expectations that Sister Harold had for me were high. Didn’t matter. I never really grasped the subject. I’m more literary. Math & science are not my jam. I scored progressively worse on each test until by my calculations, based on her syllabus, I earned an 82 overall. However mine was the highest grade in the class so based on the curve, I took home an A. Doh!

Switching gears, my 2nd thought about elements was Earth, Wind, & Fire. Do you remember? I do!

As always, more to come.