Something is Wonky, Probably User in Seat (UIS) Error ~ 10/18/22

I swear I posted my apple haiku yesterday. I even got comments. Then just now I see my apple haiku in drafts with a note ‘local changes’. I published again & now today’s date shows instead of 10/17/22. Guess this is what happens when I jump around between multiple devices. I’m trying to stay exclusive to my phone but see how well that worked out for me. Now I have republished & duplicated multiple drafts with the same ‘local changes’ message. Probably time to clean out the draft bin anyway.

Oh and on a side note, lil Jilly is getting invisalign. Supposedly this will help with my headaches. I’m willing to try anything at this point. As I hemmed and hawed, “I’m too old” … the ortho asked “Are your parents alive?” Nope … oh wait … Maybe? I’m a dork. I know I am. Then he asks “how much longer do you plan to live?” Forever sir!! Lil Jilly plans to live forever!! His point was that I have another 30 years left & that I wasn’t too old for “braces” after all this time. It’s always something said in my Roseanne Roseannadanna voice over voice. I’m falling apart, literally. Pain management assessment is tomorrow. This maintenance stuff is never-ending. Oy vey!

As always, more to come.

haiku – apple & pick ~ 10/17/22

A former school chum’s little brother (grown up now but I’ll always remember him as our mascot for volleyball) & his family own an orchard. Every year I plan to visit then fail. So close too. Just up the road in Medina Valley. Today’s haiku was inspired from nostalgia & tradition.

hand picked for purpose

apples the original

fruits of your labor

Written for Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 432 APPLE and Pick.

As always more to come.

Share Your World ~ 10/18/22

Di is pinch hitting while Melanie’s computer is on the fritz. Hope issues are resolved shortly. Tossing in my two cents worth 1/2 penny.

1.  When you go food shopping, do you go with a list or amble down the aisles putting things in your basket or cart that you fancy or think you need? Most definitely a list! And as luck would have it, at work there is a challenge for points which can be converted to savings on health insurance that has “stick to the list” as an option this year. Supposedly leads to healthy eating when you don’t impulse shop (thus saving money as an added bonus). I’m not so compulsive that I won’t toss in a want or two but sticking to the list definitely helps with meal planning.

2.  When the temperatures drop for the colder months, is there a specific date you put the heating on or do you flick the switch when you start to feel cold? We try not to run the heat unless absolutely necessary. Definitely not going by a date or chill in the air. We bundle up & keep the thermostats around 60-65 degrees. Same reason we use ceiling fans in the summer & leave the thermostats at 78. Doing our part to conserve when we can.

3. Keeping with the cold theme, do you prefer a hot water bottle or an electric blanket at night? Neither. Never used a hot water bottle & every electric blanket I ever tried was scratchy. Last few years I’ve used my fleece throws. Talk about comfy.

4.  How do you feel about log burners? Do you think they are messy or cosy? Not a fan because I’m too lazy though I did enjoy setting around the log burner in a hotel lobby with a nice hot cocoa. My vote is they’re nice when someone else gets them set up.

Gratitude: When was the last time you laughed out loud? Today. Laughing is a daily activity. Multiple times a day in fact. Because I’m easily amused, there is almost always laughter bubbling up about something.

As always, more to come.