#SoCS ~ 10/15/22

How the heck did we get to the middle of October? Rhetorical overused question so I’ll keep moving along. Time for #SoCS where our host with the most, one Linda G Hill writes & I copy paste Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “happy place.” Write the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “happy place.” Have fun! If you’d like to have fun too, HERE are the rules & ping back.

She shoots, she scores!!!!! Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be happy.

I’m a very happy person, don’t laugh because I am even if my blog topics can be fraught with emotion. I’m also Eeyore. If you can figure out how I can be two extremes well then you’re smarter than the average bear. You’re Yogi to my BooBoo. Ha!

This stream thing is fun y’all. My thoughts are popping like popcorn, the old fashioned kind made in a covered skillet with hot oil. I have several happy places which assist me in living my life because things can be dark & twisted. Not like I can wish myself well but I can control my emotions to bring me back to happy even if only temporary. Instead of me continuing to blather about, I’m adding a gallery. Using current WP media which I realize is filled with loads of happy!!

As always, more to come.