Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/27/22

I’ll try to be brief but no telling once I get going I might continue for days …

I decided to wear a dress today with long sleeves since it’s cold and tights because bare legs in this weather when we keep our thermostat at 65 is muy frio. I’m also wearing fuzzy socks. I have my Easterseals blanket/throw across my lap. I’m ready for battle. Charge!!!!! Haha!

Despite the debacle that was yesterday (MoMo officially withdrew from the assisted living space that could help her) and our employee meeting which went south with over 3K people in one forum grousing as we watched in various states of confusion. All I know is I’m not complaining. #blessedbeyondmeasure.

People need to shut their pie holes and leave politics out of our 2021 year end update. The mask mandate was struck down and some unvaccinated people expected immediate changes. Well guess what? A private company can make a mandate of its’ own. Hoping the voice of reason prevails and the policy remains ‘as is’ or even strengthens. And if you don’t like any of this, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Buh bye!

Now to bring this back the goodness. Every morning for about two, maybe three weeks, I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast. I did this when I went into the office but at home I quit because princess doesn’t like the taste of microwave oatmeal and cooking oatmeal on the stove top is a pain in the ass.

I discovered my tea kettle is just the ticket. I heat my cup of water until it sings. I pour over my quick oats and blueberries, then gently stir. And wah-la! After about two minutes, tastes exactly like the cooked stuff that takes too long to make. My guess is the tea kettle water is beyond boiling (if there is such a thing). It’s why I don’t let the water go until it sings when making a cuppa (which I also do, today was lemon ginger). Otherwise I’d scald my mouth.

What’s the goodness you ask? Well have you ever been warmly dressed and ready for battle, with a cuppa hot lemon ginger tea, eating some delicious oatmeal with blueberries that are also warm and sort of pop when you bite them spreading the sweet juice around your tastebuds? If that’s not goodness, I don’t know what is.

Happy Thursday folks. Control what you can … yourself … and say ‘eff’ it to the remainder. Today is a great day because of Wordle and because I choose it.

As always, more to come.

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