Thanks Linda for hosting and thanks Susan for the prompt. Looks like we made it … sang in my imitating Barry Manilow voice. Ha! Quite the whirlwind month. January was Xtreme. One for the memory books.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 31st, 2022, is “facetious.” Use the word “facetious” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Facetious. What a wonderful word. Said in all sincerity. See what I did there? Not the least bit flippant. Another wonderful word. Lol.

It’s been every bit a Monday today. I’m outta stamps. Woe is me. Ha! If that’s the least of my worries, I’m cooking with gas. So much to unpack.

Unpack… ugh the bane of my existence. When in work-speak, someone says let’s unpack that I think gag me with a spoon. How facetious! Lots of work-speak comes off that way to where there are memes abound and someone could write a book of nothing but facetious work related quips. Think The Office or American Auto. Hahaha 🤣.

Alrighty. That’s all she wrote. Until next time.

As always more to come.