#JusJoJan ~ 1/6/22

Pamela provides the prompt today. Thanks Linda for hosting.


I immediately recall the ketchup commercial. Perfect quick jot since I’m late again.

If you ever have trouble getting ketchup out of the bottle, this particular bottle, lightly tap the 57 on the side. Works like a charm every time.

As always more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/6/22

A couple of things percolating in ye ole noggin. Only because I’m still in pain and we’re living the end of days. I’m reminded of a chapter from the Stand where someone on team Stu Redman … maybe Stu himself attempts an appendectomy despite not having the skills to do so knowing it was the only thing that could possibly save a life. They had found a medical text book and tried to learn as they went. Of course the guy still died. Life is imitating art. No telling how many people we’ll lose due to treatable illnesses because Covid has overrun the hospitals. Levels severe in SAT with no end in sight. I get that I’m being dramatic but dammit I hurt.

The other bee in my bonnet is people who knowingly spread the vid. B’s extended family members had a Christmas Eve gathering where everyone got sick. All but one who might have some sort of miracle immunity. Today it was shared that so-n-so and her niece were already feeling sick and went anyway. Didn’t disclose to allow folks to make an informed decision. They were the source. Talk about being pissed. Three of the attendees who had planned to skip were talked into going! Told it was ok. And it may have been if the sickies had stayed away instead.

Still I’m convinced not if but when. I hope I don’t keel over waiting until it’s safe to go in. Maybe by my February/ March follow up things will be better. One can hope.

As always more to come.