What Day Is It? ~ 1/1/22

Well I answered my own question with the title of this little ditty about Jack and Diane … two American kids … Huh? What? Wait a minute?

The week between Christmas and the New Year was all a blurrrrrrrr. I’m flummoxed, gobsmacked, and any other assorted varieties of taken aback. <gasp> I’ve got a flat tire.

I need a routine dammit! Something that pulls me out of my headspace which is dark and dreary as of late. I need more vitamin D3! Apparently that will save me … if I believe every fool thing that I read and I do … usually … which is why I’m often confused.

Despite being double jabbed and boosted, I’m certain omicron is in my near future. I still wear a mask when I’m out but I think my only surety is to lock down and I haven’t exactly done that. While I may be judicious about where I go, one can never be too careful.

Others in the household have to go about their daily lives too. B for example has to take his mother to her doctor Monday. He could bring anything home with him. But she cannot be left rotting away, poor lady needs help. Her foot is mangled from diabetic/kidney complications. She no longer walks. Her pain is constant. I’m no doctor but if they recommend amputating, I wouldn’t be surprised. And she’s quite depressed, understandably.

So, with that I think we should all just go into hibernation. Head in the sand, ostrich time! Wake us up when it’s over won’t ya?

As always, more to come.


#SoCS and #JusJoJan ~ 1/1/22

Yeah buddy! We’re starting out 2022 aka 2020 too with a bang. Here are the rules and ping back if you’d like to join in. Just joshing about the too part. At least I hope so. Now for the main event/combo. Linda gives us the following …

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “resolve.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

I’m resolved to writing more poetry in 2022. This goal isn’t a New Year’s resolution mind you. Those are for suckers. Hehe. If I believe the stats resolutions fail more often than not. In my case, there’s too much stress to produce a new year, new leaf on a perpetual loop. Striving for perfection is hard. I’ll settle for good enough from now on.

Never say never

Resolve, finish with flourish

Brave enough to stop

Kinda corny but I’m really tired of the adage you can be anything you want to be. What a crock. For example, if I wanted to play basketball for the WNBA, not matter how much resolve I put toward my goal, that’s not gonna happen. Sometimes quitting is the braver choice. Instead let’s resolve to be kind so ourselves.

As always, more to come.