MidWeek Update ~ 1/19/22

Having off Monday was in hindsight a godsend. We started the ball rolling on assisted living care (ALC) for MoMo. Not cheap by any means but surprisingly less expensive that a nursing home. I’m learning quite a bit trial by fire and there is a difference. People would be surprised to know (at least I was) that ALC is a precursor to a nursing home. I always thought they were all one in the same.

And things have been a bit sales pitchy with call after call coming in after I placed my inquiry in “A Place for Mom” search tool. A free service that gets paid by the facility who wins your business. Yep, seems a bit like a racket but people have to make their money some way.

I told my FB friends I was going to write a book of ‘how to‘ so no one else has to go through this but then A Place for Mom came through. They already have the ‘how to‘ manual. Connie is the best even checking in yesterday evening to see how we were doing. No sales convo, just an Are you doing ok? and remember to breathe. Nice touch. Turns out she is a former social worker and while precluded by law to recommend, etc, she did send me all the details we could consume for how to maneuver this otherwise shitshow. Yep I said it. We are in a cluster right now. Aaaaahhhhhh. Stress kills I tell ya what. Life is not for the faint of heart.

As always, more to come.