Ramblings ~ 1/3/22

Since I swore off FB for the month of January, I’ll be bothering you fine folks more often. And truth be told, my posts here on WP were about to pick up anyway because of Write Club and #JusJoJan. I had planned to continue with my usual fodder +

I may or may not have told ya, I ordered a new phone through my work for $1.07. Yeppers 99 cents plus tax. It came via fedex the very next day and not because I asked for that, it’s just how they roll. I’m a luddite and even though Apple is for luddites (as phones go) I’m experiencing a learning curve. I want my home button back dang it and why oh why, does the cord come without the plug and of the wrong size so it doesn’t fit the former plug? Anywho, I didn’t try to set it up until AFTER my therapy appointment this morning. I didn’t want to mess with my ability to log into work either. So after the dust settled, I did the transfer which went swimmingly … not … or kind of … shall we say all’s well that ends well.

I got my special Multi Factor Authentication aka MFA (not to be confused with Master of Fine Arts) set up quickly enough but I couldn’t get my work email on my phone which I MUST have to work from anywhere. The poor help desk guy really tried his best. I had to end our cellular call to download the latest software. As that was going on my friend and coworker told me about her not quite as good as my bargain but she got the newer phone bargain which she also switched over today. She was able to assist me with getting my email to my phone which allows me to Zoom with the best of ’em from anywhere and everywhere. Bingo-bango, gtg.

Crisis averted except I incorrectly assumed the photos would transfer over as they’re all in the cloud anyways. My new phone cache is empty 😦 I just tried to import from old phone to desktop but FAIL. Guess I will begin again as Alice says … or does she says let’s begin at the beginning … or ah fuhgeddaboudit.

Last thing, finding a good therapist is not for the faint of heart. This gal today was ok … just ok … I think I shocked her. I set up an appointment in two weeks anyway and will give her one more try before moving on to someone … rinse and repeat … until I find someone who clicks.

As always, more to come.