#SoCS and #JusJoJan ~ 1/15/22

Here we are again, 3rd Saturday of the month. We’re kicking off January 2022 with five Saturdays. The exception that occurs twice a year … I think. I’ve no idea but I’m already streaming and mean she is ‘steaming’ … I got a taste of nostalgia yesterday listening to Van Halen’s Fair Warning. Though the play on the aforementioned song isn’t on that album. Okay, where are we now? Oh yeah! #SoCS and combo #JusJoJan in the house.

Linda writes and I copy paste Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: β€œa rainy day.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase β€œa rainy day.” Enjoy! To join in, HERE are the rules and pingback. Be sure to bring an umbrella. haha! I slay me.

Okay again, get on with it girly. I’m conflicted because I hate rain but we need its bounty for our garden which I love so very much. Digging in the dirt. I tell ya what. Like free therapy. But I also love rain. The sound it makes. Especially since we have a metal roof now. The insulation is good making the sound very faint but pitter patter isn’t just for little feet, it’s for rain drops too. I also have very fond memories of playing in the rain as a kid. Because of poor design, the drainage from a heavy downpour created a stream of sorts … oh how ironic. STREAM #SoCS is stream. The runoff is something we played in throwing caution to the wind as the nickname was Cripple Creek thought to bring polio but that part was before my time in the 70s. Yep the rain water was dirty from oils and what not that it picked up from the street but polio was eradicated or almost if not yet completely by the time I was galoshing around knee deep in it with the neighborhood kids and my brothers. The final thought before I go is how we’d dance in the rain during a light sprinkle. Darting on and off the porch. When we were done, mom would bring us warm towels to dry off with. She mostly hung clothes to line dry and “saved” the dryer for only certain things to save energy but warm towels were the exception. Now my eyes are raining. I miss my mommy! How about some music?

As always more to come.