#JusJoJan ~ 1/2/22

Yay! Another day, another dollar. Or another whatever. I’m simply giddy. #JusJoJan is in da house. Linda is hosting and Dan supplied the prompt! Yeah buddy! Good times I tell ya what! HERE is a link back to the correct post.


Linda thinks of Cinderella’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and I think of Hocus Pocus. Amok, amok, amok! How’s that for gobbledygook? lol I just love writing stream of consciousness as a way to release the hounds. I grabbed this quote from Center, Center: A Funny, Sexy, Sad Almost-Memoir of a Boy in Ballet by James Whiteside my final book of 2021 finished @ 11 pm CST on 12/31/21. The quote fits why I post my gobbledygook for all to see!!!!

I don’t have a therapist, so when something shakes me or I need to expel a feeling, it goes into a song, simple as that

James Whiteside

He writes songs, I write nonsense. But I do have a therapist. Of course the first appointment is telling. I’m too old for 2nd chances. I will know from day one if I will stay or look for another. They are a dime a dozen, some great and some as messed up as the rest of us. My attempt last year was met with someone who barely knew me telling me I have it all together. Ugh 😦 and I laid it all out, the bad and the worse. Such a crap shoot out there. Any who, I feel good …

As always, more to come.

#SLS ~ 1/2/22

It’s hard to remember to write 2022. I have to really think about it. Anyway, here we go. Jim at Melanie’s suggestion set us up with entertainment, circus, show. I picked the Three Dog Night classic The Show Must Go On. Writer(s): Sayer Gerard Hugh, Courtney David Alexander. Hope you enjoy.

Baby, although I chose this lonely life 
It seems it’s strangling me now
All the wild men, big cigars, gigantic cars
They’re all laughing at me now

Oh, I’ve been used, ooh, used
I’ve been a fool, oh, what a fool
I broke all the rules, oh, yeah
But I must let the show go on

Baby, there’s an enormous crowd of people
They’re all after my blood
I wish maybe they’d tear down the walls of this theater
Let me out, let me out

Oh, I’m so blind, oh, I’m blind
I wasted time, wasted, wasted, wasted time
Walking on a wire, high wire
But I must let the show go on

Oh, I’m so blind, oh, I’m blind
I wasted time, wasted, wasted all too much time
Walking on a wire, high wire
But I must let the show go on

Baby, I wish you’d help me escape
Help me get away
Leave me outside my address
Far away from this masquerade

‘Cause I’ve been blind, oh, so blind
I wasted time, wasted, wasted all too much time
Walking on a wire, high wire
But I must let the show go
I must let the show go
I must let the show go on

Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 1/2/22

The 2nd day of 2022, only the 1st Sunday, and I’m already exhausted. The good news is that I have therapy session tomorrow. Virtual, which allows me to sneak off during a scheduled break without the fuss and muss of driving anywhere. I need to get back into this swing of things so to speak, put on my own air mask first, yada yada. Secretly, I don’t think I can help anyone else anyway unless it helps for me to support by basically shutting up. I can’t live someone else’s life. How presumptuous to think I know best and/or can be the fixer for anyone but me. Feels very selfish … this self-care … being kind to myself. I pray my loved ones will do the same for themselves.

Alrighty. Enough prattling about. On with the show. Here’s what went down in the haze that was last week. With time off, I had a few more entries than normal.

  1. Sunday 12/26/21 – #SLS and Reflections Part Two
  2. Monday 12/27/21 – Haiku and Release the Hounds
  3. Tuesday 12/28/21 – Share Your World and All’s Well That Ends Well
  4. Wednesday 12/29/21 – #1linerWeds. and The Saga Continues
  5. Thursday 12/30/21 – Thoughts
  6. Friday 12/31/21 – Book Club. In 2022, I’m sticking to my goal of 12, one book a month, anything more than that is gravy
  7. Saturday 1/1/22 – #JusJoJan & #SoCS combo plus What Day Is It?

Besides the therapy, I’ve got some big things going down this week. Some I’m directly involved with and others only on the sidelines. Wish B luck with his mom. I know I can be dramatic but amputation is a real possibility. May the medical magicians come up with a better alternative.

Pray that we steer clear of omicron, people are very easily infected even those who have taken precautions. As I hear Lulu coughing now, I’m wanting to run out to buy a test. Ugh! Why didn’t I lock her in her room? Kidding, not kidding. Kinda, sorta, maybe.

I also hope to get the taxes done no later than January 15th!! I’m much more organized this year but there is also more than one contractor. Those 1099 NECs don’t write themselves. Last year I was rushing to get the paperwork postmarked on the day it was due. Not making that mistake again.

Simply writing about everything I need to get done among the <cough/cough> makes me anxious as hell. Time to stop!! Out damn thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deal when it happens, the future’s not ours to see. Que sera sera!

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.