Go Stand In The Corner ~ 2/17/21

Crazy as this sounds, I am banishing Mother Nature to the corner. What fresh hell, I mean SNOW is this? Screw that noise as I take a sheet from our host’s songbook. Thank you John for hosting this forum. To join in folks, here are the Rules and Ping Back

The inaugural 3rd Wednesday of the month, I complained about my ISP. Well lookie here. Today that ISP is soaring like a champ. Instead SAWS aka San Antonio Water System is my Newman. Ugh. We have been without water now for two days. The pressure had dropped, then a trickle to nothing. When we called to report and see if there was a major outage, the message was something like this is a Homeowners thing, please call back later followed by a curt disconnect. We found out from neighbors and the neighborhood app that the pump for our area is offline. So much for being a Homeowners thing. I know we are going to muddle through this but I wish they’d be accountable instead of dismissive. A message like we’re working to restore water service asap would be nice.

As always, more to come.

9 thoughts on “Go Stand In The Corner ~ 2/17/21

  1. Didn’t realize you were in the San Antonio area as well! We’ve been out of running water for some time. Some of my friends have no heat nor power as well. I can’t wait when I can take a shower again. 😉

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    1. Sorry for your friends. This has to end soon doesn’t it?? Given a choice, I’ll keep the heat. I’m with you. A shower would be heaven right about now.


  2. So, instead of taking some of that money you pay the to put a little bit of resilience into the system, they just let it coast on whatever ancient equipment they have until it breaks down.

    We have that out here with the electric utilities. The lines and transformers date from long ago. They been dinged for billions due to loss of life and property from fires caused by overloaded lines during heat waves, so the solution is to shut down power rather than do regular maintenance.

    And the same thing with the water mains. Many of LA’s water lines date from the 30s. Nothing gets replaced until there is a geyser or a sink hole.

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    1. Yep. Poor planning for the future. I need to do some research to fully understand. I’m hearing this could’ve been avoided but they were banking on continued good weather.


    1. Has to be some greed I think. Sure is a lot of finger pointing going on. SAWS blames CPS while they blame Ercot. Meanwhile the state is in a world of hurt. We’re actually some of the lucky ones.

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    1. Lol. A school chum works there. I may or may not have called them rat bastards. He said “that’s MISTER rat bastard”. We had a good laugh. But yeah way over their heads.

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