#SoCS for 12/7/19 ~ “key”

here we go here we go again time once again for #SoCS Linda says and I repeat: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

i am trying a free form no holds barred different thing today of typing without punctuation the first thoughts as they come to my brain sense or nonsense lets get this party started you don’t have to tell me twice key think think and think first thought is skeleton key a movie or a book or both something like stephen king would write though i think someone else wrote skeleton key and for some reason i see that monkey with the cymbals that was a toy of the olden days vintage they call it but me i call that darn monkey creepy and not wanting to go there to the dark side on this nice cold morning finally ya’ll the temp dropped to a respectable normal if normal even exists because likely there is no such a thing as normal but the coolness is a sweet sweet relief about damn time go back to key but all i can think of is that dang monkey he had red and white stripe pants and a yellow vest with bug eyes i am almost sure of it if i try to change course now i am stuck i need a key to unlock my potential the key to success is made paved with good intentions much like the road to hell and if i do not sit up straight and fly right i will miss out even with the keys to the kingdom oh and i almost forgot my sister and brother in law celebrate their wedding anniversary today they picked december 7 for the historical significance a day that will live in infamy pearl harbor was tragic their wedding changes that to a day of promise what is the key to a happy life and don’t you dare say happy wife it takes two to tango the key to a happy marriage is oh how the hell do we know we got lucky and no being married is not hard work if you love what you do you will never work another day in your life and fin enjoy your saturday one and all i wore myself out i am going back to bed to join this band of key prompt respondents here are the rules and ping back as always more to come

16 thoughts on “#SoCS for 12/7/19 ~ “key”

  1. LOL – have you ever written a SoCS on your computer screen by changing the letter color to white so you can’t see the words and be tempted to edit? It’s kind of fun to see all the colorful underlining of the grammar checking. LOL – thanks for the smiles – I enjoyed your take on the prompt today – your cleverness is the key to our hearts!

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    1. lol I am not happy with how it came out. I will try again next week but instead of one big run on, I will make new paragraphs per thought in lieu of punctuation. If that still doesn’t feel right, back to the original method


  2. I dub your the Queen of the Stream regardless of whether it’s in my power or not. This is great! Maybe I’ll try it some Saturday. I just tried and it’s hard not to punctuate! I never liked that monkey – not natural like monkeys should be and who wants to hear those obnoxious cymbals? Such wisdom in: marriage should not be hard work. Work sometimes, but rarely HARD work. Mostly comfort and joy which is what I put out there for a soul mate and what I mostly got. Happy Saturday!

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    1. Thanks JoAnna! I don’t like the monkey for the same reasons. I also feel very much the same about marriage. Not always easy but if you have to work hard it’s like your forcing it. Mostly comfort and joy is much better in my book. Happy Saturday to you too 🙂

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