Friday 🐏 blings 12/13/19

Good thing I’m not superstitious. But I am. Oops too late. Cats out of the bag. I better throw some salt over my left shoulder. Or is it my right shoulder? In any case I don’t plan on stepping on any cracks. 

One of Pony’s best friends turns 32 today. Pony follows suit in six months. That’s a non superstitious good thing. But I have to ask. How the heck do I have an almost 32 year old?

He’s been through the wringer that kid of ours. Tide is turning and he’s taking his life back. He’s dropped 35 lbs since September. He jokingly told us he was going to shave his beard and mustache since he no longer feels like he has a double chin. Then he went and shaved. Oops! He tells me go ahead and get it over with. I just smiled. He’s got a chin and a half. Now he’s deciding does he amp up the regimen or wait two weeks because by then his beard will be back.

Moving on to yummy leftovers. See the asparagus affectionately referred to as “ah-spare-ah-goose”. When I order this in a restaurant, I am lucky to get four spears. While these are thinner, I’m counting way more than four. That’s a salmon patty hiding underneath there. Yum 😋 

TGIF folks!!

As always more to come.