Sunday 🐏 blings 12/1/19

Well I am sprucing up the place again.  I have 23 draft posts.  What the what?  I sit down to blather about or expel the demons but then I am too self-conscious to publish.  I have become less brave over these past few years compared to what I published starting out.  What’s got into me?

Hmm, well I can hear my mother’s voice “what would people think?”  Ugh.  Who gives a flying monkey?  Cue the wicked witch of the west.  This scene always scared the bee-jeez-us out of me.

I’m not saying my mother was a wicked witch.  Quite the opposite.  More Glenda the good witch, very prim and proper.  A southern belle without the trappings.  Women of a certain age.  I’m glad those days are over.  Yet she instilled in me some less than stellar qualities which were on the basis of unwritten “rules” for WOMEN to follow.

Anywho, I am moving on.  My next topic is cable TV.  Who needs it?  The addicted aka me and B.  But let me tell ya.  I have about had it with my satellite carrier nameless bastard that he is <ahem, cough, cough>.  Ever since we got the new internet which allows me to work from home when needed, Netflix won’t work except on my phone or iPad.  I finally called this weekend as I had time to troubleshoot.  I was escalated twice and the convo goes something like this …

“Is your ISP <insert nameless provider>?” barks the 3rd person to who I speak

Me: “Yes.  How did you know?”

Rude ass man who should not be in customer service: “They are incompatible with us”

Me: “What do I do then?”

RAMWSNBICS: “Buy a different router”

End scene and begin rant!

He needs to buy a different router.  Ass hat.  Our new router modem combo is how I am able to work at home.  I’m not giving that up for TV.  Seriously Meredith Grey!  I am leaving your company for my ISP’s cable TV.  Pity too.  San Antonio basically has two ISPs worth a darn and by “not being compatible” with one of them, you alienate 1/2 the customer base.  Blah, blah, blah.  I get this is a champagne problem.  I need some cheese with my whine.  Truly no biggie.  Just felt good to ramble.

As always, more to come.

#SLS for 12/1/19 ~ “Green-Eyed Lady”

Jim gives us the prompts of Chin/Ears/Eyes/Face/Mouth/Nose.  My very first thought was “Hip, Hip, Chin, Chin” by Maxim Illion performed by Club des Belugas and the delightful dance by Lacey and Danny of So You Think You Can Dance fame.  I opted out of that song because there aren’t many lyrics.

The only ears song that came to mind was “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and I was back in grade school.

Next eyes gave me almost too many to choose from but I finally opted for the 1970s gem “Green-eyed Lady” performed by Sugarloaf because I am one.  How full of myself is that?!?  Here are the song facts about the true green-eyed lady on which the song is based.  Lyrics within and come to think of it, this song is short on lyrics too.  Oh well.  Hope enjoy.