I Shouldn’t Have Answered The Phone

But I did answer.  Sucker that I am and it was the blood bank.  And since I am not type O, they need me.  I told the guy I just donated.  Seems like it anyways … right here.

Of course, I did not have this timestamp available while on the phone so I made another appointment.  Google save me!  I checked “how often can one donate blood?”  Answer: Minimum eight weeks – 56 days to be exact.  Google save me again.  “Calculate duration between dates”  Answer: Oops, only 50.

I need liquid courage for this stuff.  Water not wine .. the elixir of life. Or is that blood.  Ugh! Guess I will bump out that appointment.  My never again is around the corner.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 11/30/19 ~ “shade” part two

Songs go in a perpetual loop in my brain.  And weird things spark different tunes.  I just finished reading Dangerous When Wet: A Memoir of Booze, Sex, and My Mother by Jaime Brickhouse.  I wrote a little review on Goodreads.  Very short and sweet:

Unconditional love of a mother for her child. We should all be so lucky to have a “Mama Jean” in our lives.

Though in hindsight, maybe not.  The expectations of perfection may have driven him to drink but those same expectations may have also saved him.  If I have learned anything in my short life, one cannot save someone who does not want help.  Recovery is a tough nut to crack.

When is the shade coming up Jilly?

Well, as I read this memoir I thought of the fictional Less Than Zero by Bret Ellis Easton.  Debauchery.  Not saying Jamie (IRL) is Julian (fictional) though there could be some similarities.  What got me to shade was the soundtrack for the movie based on the book.  Bangles covered the song “Hazy Shade of Winter” most excellently. Haunting and fitting for the theme.  The original was a Simon and Garfunkel gem.  I now share both, beginning with the homage.  Hope you enjoy!

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#SoCS for 11/30/19 ~ shade

Good morning y’all.  Howdy and how goes it?  Time once again for #SoCS.  On tap today, Linda says and I repeat … Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “shade.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Shade hmmm …

Turn and face the strange

Nope David Bowie song move on down the shady lane.  Last time I checked changes are different than shade.  As so is turn and face the strange.

Shade, think, think and think.

I just wanna throw some shade.  But I am repressed.  Don’t laugh.  Tis true.  I am a good girl and good girls don’t throw shade.  Instead we become passive aggressive until it all bubbles out unexpectedly and at the most in opportune times.  But nope not today.  I am happy.  Save your tears for the pillow Abby Lee Miller.  I wonder whatever happened to her.  Just not enough to stop and look her up.  

The only other shade I can think of is the real Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers aka Eminem.   Some years ago, I watched the movie 8 Mile which was about his life story and a tough one to watch.  And just like that a Cupcake Wars from 2012 is on the TV playing in the background where the theme is a festival of lights on the Magnificent Mile.  Ya I know Detroit is not Chicago but mile is mile and MM is Marshall Mathers .  Or Mickey Mouse.  Get it?  The connection.  As loosey goosey as the relationship is, there is one.

Oops there goes gravity and that’s the news I’m outta here ala Dennis Miller.

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#WATWB ~ 11/29/19

#WATWB intention and rules.

Well I am jumping from week one of Soul Pancake videos to week nine.  Not because episodes two to eight are not shareable but because week nine hits home.

We never know what other people are going through.  What if one random act of kindness makes all the difference?  Kid President says “just tell people they’re awesome and mean it”  Well, it’s true.  You’re AWESOME!  I mean it!!

As always, more to come.

Habits and Happy Thanksgiving

Now here is how to start off Thanksgiving.  See my feature image.  M’m veeeerry good.  I am drinking a Houston blend in an Austin PD “No Thanks I’m Driving” cup.  This cup is over 35 years old and it is still my favorite.  I’ve cut back significantly on my coffee consumption but the mug works for hot tea or hot chocolate too.

My brother and brother in law were policemen for the city of Austin Texas.  That’s how I got the cup.  The one that I had to have!  My dad had been gifted one years before and I used it exclusively when I visited.  Then one day, I was surprised with my own.  I’m still not sure how my brother got me the discontinued cup.  But he did.  How sweet it is!!

Since they worked holidays, we’d have Thanksgiving dinner at one of their houses.  We’d eat at a non-traditional hour.  That way they could stop by during their shift to eat with us then skedaddle back to protect and serve.  Later in their careers when they got the day off, we moved the party to San Antonio.

The Friday after was not a shopping day for us, instead we’d head for the place aka deer lease.  A tradition that carried over after I got married, just a different place – B’s grandpa’s “El Soldado” ranch.  El soldado means the solider for that is what Grandpa John was first and foremost.  Or maybe good Catholic, father, then solider.  Still makes me sick to my stomach that his legacy was sold.  Even the mom from The Glass Castle a Memoir by Jeanette Walls kept her inherited land despite extreme poverty in her own home.  Some say crazy … crazy like a fox.  LAND what a precious commodity.

No use bellyaching about sold inheritance.  Especially on this fine day.  Where all is right with my small microcosm of the world. I am extremely “pinch me I must be dreaming” blessed.  I am thankful! Every. Single. Day!

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 11/27/19

Well I am reading again. After several disappointing book club selections the last one was even worse. LOL 😆 So I went rogue and made my own selection. My TBR queue is burgeoning but I won’t buy so waiting on library availability is a drag. This gem is an off the shelf filler … “Dangerous When Wet a memoir” by Jamie Brickhouse.

He hails from Texas which means he’s automatic kin. The colloquiums are off the charts and I’m laughing while remembering strong women from my past. Talkers each one. Back when a telephone conversation was an art form. Finally to the one liner. How do you say goodbye? Here’s how we do it in Texas …

Well, … let me let you go

As always more to come.

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Haiku – Mess & Intense

I went with synonyms today.  Most can recognize jumble as a mess but who knew energetic was a synonym for intense?  Now we all do.  Hehe :).

Holidays bring out the best and worst.  I will be out sorts until January 1.  Lots of firsts will happen in the next five weeks and some odd days.  No in between in my case making INTENSE and all its’ synonyms apropos.

Without further rambling, here is my submission this week:

A jumble of thoughts

Energetic bouncing brain

Coping strategies

Written for Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #281 Mess&Intense

#SLS for 11/24/19 ~ “Be Our Guest”

When Pony was three, I took him to his first movie – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  He was so little, he could not keep the seat down.  My friend Julie was with me and he alternated between our laps and standing – holding tight to the seat back in front of us.  Years later he admitted the opening scene scared him … if you’ve seen it, it is very dark and stormy night.  But despite that something in the drama intrigued him.  And now 28 years later, the movie is still in his top 10.  For nostalgia more than anything else of course.  The song I picked was “Be Out Guest”  which fits the FEAST part of Jim’s theme Bounty/Dessert/Eat/Feast/Food/Hungry/Turkey prompt.  I took the easy route with lyrics within the video. Songwriters: Howard Elliott Ashman / Alan Menken.  Be Our Guest lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company.

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