#QQ4U 12/16/19

Desktop 🖥 or Laptop 👩‍💻 ?

What brand?

My 10 year old desktop finally cratered. Fortunately the problem was some switch thingy and my hard drive is intact and recoverable. Until we get a replacement, our life is on a thumb drive. Amazing really.

Anyhoo, this morning I had a log in issue at work. I called the help desk and spoke to a very sweet young man in Guadalajara. As we waited for things to boot back up I asked him the questions above. He said he isn’t the least bit techie. He’s a history major who needed a part time job. He says the secret is there’s a manual of troubleshooting steps. 1-2-3 easy peasy. He is sticking with history in the hopes to teach one day. But the perk for now is his flexible schedule which includes every Saturday. Getting out early for class on the other days fits the bill.

Anyhoo part two. Help a sister out. What say you all the fine folks of bloglandia 😂