How Crazy Brain Thinks

I can say crazy brain when speaking about myself.  Don’t call the PC police on me puhleese with sugar on top.  I feel a Friday testimony coming on.  I’m happy y’all.  Over the moon. My new work family had a celebration for December birthdays and they included me.  Since I am dotted line family, they did not have to do this but they did.  Can you feel the love?

I think I may have attachment disorder.  I admit it.  Or maybe the opposite of attachment disorder.  I become viscerally and quickly attached to almost anyone who shows me the slightest kindness.  Maybe it is being an adult orphan.  Who knows why? Though I know enough to act appropriate.  Well, … most days.  But with me you’re in until or unless you give me a reason not to be.  Then I turn tail and run away forever.  An elephant who never forgets. Yeah after crazy brain, I called myself an elephant.  And who wouldn’t want to be like those beloved creatures?

Onward through the fog for my Canadian friends.

Now the crazy brain part.  Leaving work I had my leftovers from our lunch where we ordered out from my favorite place that they didn’t even know was my favorite place.  Lucky for me the other two December b-days celebrants like Golden Wok too. I had my left over drink.  Yes I splurged and drank the real thing aka coca-cola for one day a year only.   After finishing the tea which came with the meal.

Not done yet, I also have my gym bag that is not used for gym purposes.  Instead it has my life aka my fully loaded laptop, peripherals like power cord, headset and wireless mouse, wallet, planner, pens, cough drops, ear buds, phone charger.  And finally a big ole slab of cake.  Outside the gym bag of course.  Proof right here …

Big ole slab of birthday cake

I am giving way more detail than necessary to set the stage.  I could have said I was loaded down.  But the above paints a picture.  amiright?

I get to my car.  Throw gym bag sans wallet into my trunk.  Place cake on the floorboard along with the leftovers.  Drink in cup holder.  And off I go.  To Wally world.  For one thing … Pepperidge Farm onion rolls to make our faux Arby’s beef and cheddar later tonight for supper.  I stick to the one thing.  A feat in and of itself.

As I walk back out to the car.  I think oh RatZ! I wonder if the squirrely little devils are still in my car and if they are did they eat my cake?  My heart actually skipped a beat.  Picking up the pace to a walk shuffle jog, I check and whew!  no bite marks.  LOL.  The rest of the way home, I kept looking for one to leap out at me.  I also recall the news report from last night how eating 🍽 in your car is worse than eating off a toilet seat! I’m not eating but dang my cake has to full of germs. Ugh 😩 See crazy brain.  I tell ya.

TGIF folks!!!  Hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are wonderful.

As always, more to come.