#1linerWeds. 12/18/19

I’m continuing a “from TV” mode. We watch the show “Bless This Mess” primarily due to the timing ABC on Tuesdays after “The Connors”. Until recently that is. The show has become a favorite laugh out loud funny. I’d say the premise is a revamp of “Green Acres”. Kay and Beau are neighbors who are separated but still very much in love. They decided to spend Christmas together as a family for the sake of their son. Beau really wants to win Kay back. The scene goes something like this …

Kay: Say it again

Beau: Do you need help in the kitchen?

Kay: Oh pregnant Mary on the donkey

Beau: I’m grateful for you

Kay: Sweet baby Jesus in the hay

Might not be lol out of context but to see the actress who plays Kay perform her craft is hilarious 🤣. The actor playing Beau is not so bad himself.

Rules and Ping Back


Weird Technology Issues

Now that I’m not on my desktop and I am working between my iPhone and my iPad, I’m noticing that all sorts of posts are populating in something called local. These are drafts mixed in with formerly published posts. In one instance, I re-published and it appears I posted my haiku only an hour ago instead of late Monday night. I knew navigating between three devices was tricky … that sometimes things I posted got hung up or overwritten.

Oh well. Guess I better purchase my replacement device sooner rather than later. Wish me luck.