Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/10/22

My thoughts were burning until about 8:30 this morning thanks to Secure Hub. #ifyounowyouknow!! Those work apps suck a$$. But and it’s a BIG butt. I’m back in bidness (misspelled on purpose, say it like ya mean it) bidness!!!!!

Ok, enough shenanigans. My BP can’t take it. Speaking of, my charting is going famously. I’m learning about my body and how I can semi control things. I had an almost normal reading yesterday morning. I’ll keep on trucking and tracking.

I was nominated to speak at our town hall in March. The theme is longevity and I’ve got 38 years on the books. I’m 150ish out of 37k but in my direct area, I’m top 5. Not the top mind you but I think those folks said pass. Me, queen comma drama, is all GIVE ME THE STAGE so I CAN TAKE A BOW!!! lol. I am not! But I am excited!!!! This is not a done deal yet. But I’m a still a #100th-year-storyteller all the same.

Happy Thursday folks. Hoping your day is fantastic. I’ll leave you with this song as I needed muy patience this am. I’m not sharing because I like Axel the @%!^&^. He’s a derogatory dude but I’m trying to separate the art from the person. Can it be done? We shall see.

As always, more to come.