Friday Reflections ~ 2/4/22

Howdy fine folks of Bloglandia! I just realized that I no longer have a regular Friday edition. I have slowed way down on my reading. Truth be told, my pace was never finishing a book a week. Instead, I had a cache of recently read books to write about. I so enjoy reading just because. Sitting in my favorite chair with a cuppa hot tea, cocoa, or the very occasional coffee. Mhmmmm.

I’m back on my walking kick, about 30 minutes a day with more on the weekends. Yesterday called for improv since it rained. I did laps inside my house with a quick jog to the mailbox. Today though I walked the place (twice to the fence line and back) this morning because rain left the forecast. The temps were colder than a witch’s you know what out there. I only made 15 minutes before giving up the ghost to run back inside. I tell ya what folks, I have not been so invigorated in a while. Upon entering the house, I couldn’t catch my breath and my glasses were all fogged up. This cold weather walking is a blast. Pun intended.

Alright, back to the salt mines. Work to be done. Tomorrow we play 🙂

As always, more to come.