#1linerWeds. 2/9/22

Happy Wednesday. To the rules and pingback for an example of the stuff we make up. Hey I resemble that remark. MSU is my jam.

A bit of background. After the war between Dish & a company whose name I forget (but it begins with a T), CBS is back in the lineup. Yea buddy! That means our Prime Time Any Time will record some funny shows like Ghost and Young Sheldon. They will be my fodder for upcoming #1liners.

Today’s one liner is also a TV quote, from the show Kenan. I love all the actors, very talented in their own right. Special treat is Don Johnson, Mr. Miami Vice as the father-in-law/grandfather. This line was more funny when I heard it than it is now as I write it but oh well. You get what you get sometimes. #MSU baby.

Phil something ain’t right dog, keep an eye on your kidneys.

Brother Gary to Phil in the TV Show Kenan

As always, more to come.