Tidbits ~ A Ramble Rant ~ 10/24/21

I wish my anxiety didn’t make me such a suspicious person but yesterday as I spent two hours online shopping for curbside pickup at three different grocery stores, I went a little cuckoo. Out of stock! Items we purchase weekly such as milk, bread, and eggs. Pantry staples, depleted. I ultimately ordered everything on the list for both us and the in laws but I’m not sure yet if we’ll actually get everything. Soon we’ll get the text of substitutions and unavailables. We had taken for granted that for the last six months or so everything we wanted was available. I, for one, got used to very limited, forgettable substitutes. I mean this is America folks, land of the plenty and she has been very, very good to me (movie line, if you can guess is virtual high five).

I had made a very quick grocery run Friday in and out only for baking supplies. Yesterday as I ordered, I noticed something else that was upsetting besides our lack of choice which really isn’t a big deal, champagne problems for sure. But did everyone else but me know that the prices are less in store? At least at our nameless local grocer. Not a lot but up to 50 cents per item cheaper. So when I easily have 40 items in my weekly curbside cart, that adds up. They used to charge a personal shopper fee but now instead they tell us the personal shopper fee is ‘free’ but then sneakily add on to the per item cost. I think I like the fee better. I know they have to make money. I know grocery stores run on the narrowest of margins. But everywhere I look these days, I feel taken advantage of from a monetary standpoint.

Take for example gas prices. We’re up to $2.83 a gallon, (don’t laugh, for us that is a lot and our wages are less so it is all relative) and while that’s nowhere near the $4 a gallon hike we saw once upon a time, the increase is still about 30 cents a gallon more than September. And as I filled up yesterday, there were about 1/2 the pumps with ‘out of service’ signs. This could mean poor timing on my part, a delay in delivery versus actual scarcity but I’m not in the know. And when I see people on social media sounding alarm bells, I jump on the anxiety bandwagon buying into conspiracy. Thank goodness I don’t have to drive much anymore but B does. Overall as a household though we’re still saving on fuel costs.

But taxes, don’t get me started on taxes. Of the property variety. Can I just say sticker shock when the invoice came this week. And we appealed our evaluation and WON! I’d hate to think what we’d be paying if we hadn’t appealed the value which will keep on increasing until we hit 65. Actually I think the value will continue to reflect the market but the tax part will freeze. If they still do that when we finally get there. I’m just grateful we no longer have a mortgage.

And finally there is the DISH versus Tegna feud over CBS. A channel that by all rights should be free. And yes, I know this problem isn’t one I should care about. We should say eff you to satellite TV. DISH charges us $12 a month for local stations. Yep, that’s wrong somehow but they have to pay Tegna. The cost was passed to the consumer. Now these corporations can’t agree on a price so CBS is blocked until such time that the standoff ends. In the meantime, DISH is sending us a digital antenna where we will get local for free. If we are pleased with the reception, we’ll call them to cancel the local reducing our bill by that $12 a month. Right now we keep paying $12 for NBC, ABC, FOX, and PBS. I really don’t understand who is screwing who here to even pick a side other than it is easier to stay with DISH. We’re talking about billions of dollars folks. Can you flipping believe that shit? All this noise while people are homeless and starving. Jesus weeps.


13 thoughts on “Tidbits ~ A Ramble Rant ~ 10/24/21

  1. We have a TEGNA station here in Atlanta and they’re forever running a crawl that says Dish is about to yank them off the air, so I think the issue is at TEGNA. If they’re going to give you a digital anenna so you can watch over-the-air TV, it’s worth it, provided that you can get all your stations.

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  2. YouTube TV almost had to drop ABC (maybe NBC) but that included all its subsidiaries, about a dozen channels in all. It’s a mess because there isn’t enough money to go around, despite the fact that we keep paying more and more for programming.

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  3. It is insane out there. Our gas prices are about 4.50 a gallon now. I too got my property tax bill yesterday. It is crazy. I never knew there was a possibility of fighting the property tax bill. I am over 65 so I’ll need to look into that.

    Dish just notified us that they are raising prices again unless we sign a contract. It just might be the shove I needed to leave the expensive luxury .

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    1. I hope we don’t get back to $4 again but $4.50 I can’t even imagine.

      Here you can appeal the tax valuation which directly impacts the amount you pay but when the tax rate itself keeps going up, you can’t win for losing. I’m not sure how the age 65 tax freeze works but my in-laws get that. I think you just have to apply for it.

      If Dish ever does that to us, we’re gone. We signed the two year contract several years back when we upgraded receivers. We’re not locked in any longer but we’ve been loyal. It’s definitely an expensive luxury we’ve considered cutting many times.

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